Park Chess Player Can’t Believe He’s Playing A GRANDMASTER


In this video, Johnny (a park chess player) discovers that my mother, is a chess grandmaster. He gets very excited and they end up playing a game where he tries to play his absolute best. This video was recorded in Washington Square Park, in NYC.

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  1. The time traveler guy is hilarious HAHAHAHAHA
    The player playing also LOLLLL. I love these people 🤣🤣

  2. Mental illness vs brilliance on full display.

  3. They all make my whole heart sing! But I notice the women speak about their place 🙁

  4. OMG Doc made this video for me!!!!

    ‘Your resignation is requested’

  5. Playing a GM is such a treat.

    You know you’re going to lose but you’re going to learn so much.

  6. What an amusing character. Great philosophy of life.

  7. thank you that you rendered the board into the corner that we can see that nice old humble fella.

  8. The personalities in this video is among the bests the world has to offer. The humble mom, the proud & genuine laughs of the daughter, the passion of the man, and that time travelling man…i dare you to watch 9:309:43 only once!

  9. Incredibly good sportsmanship from this gentleman!

  10. We play outdoors with big plastic pieces, on a 10 square feet board.
    Young kids are fascinated with the pieces, and tourists take photos.

  11. I also play outdoor chess, and have made many friends from all over the world.
    I can play a game, or watch, or have a chat.

  12. Such a pretty mate, center of the board and all. So cool.

  13. The most impressive part of this game is how everyone can keep their focus while the sketchiest people I've ever seen walk by in the background.

  14. She has a brain thats not from here! I like the way he calls her mom 😅

  15. Johnny's infectious joy when he discovered he was playing against a GM and the pleasure to play against her was a genuine thrill for him. Also, Doc is a time traveler, he knew exactly when the match was won, when to resign, and then moved on because he'd already seen the finish.

  16. Anna's is so sweet and motherly…
    Even when she is handing people's rear end to them on the chess board…

  17. This dude is so positive it’s really heartwarming

  18. That guy's a proper gent! If I ever travel to New York I'm making it a point to go shake his hand!

  19. I'm an international player. I play an opponent from Sweden everyday. His name is Swen. I'm old… all my other friends have passed. Both Swen and I are 1100's. We trade win/loss evenly. Oh!… Swen's a bot.

  20. Doc said, " your resignation is requested " then walked away. He knew he lost in that moment 😅😂

  21. John was a lovely player and opponent.

  22. I don't even know how to play chess but this bloke is such a nice man

  23. Oh, this was beautiful. I really like this guy's attitude toward the game. Also, your mom is a wonderful gentlewoman.

  24. Pia you're such an incredibly sweet person. Thank you Anna for bringing this to us! Loved the whole interaction thoroughly. ❤

  25. That was so nice to watch even though the match itself wasn‘t that high level actually 😉

  26. My moms cool but shes never gonna hear it from me haha.

  27. 4:57 "your resignation is requested" – as soon as doc said that, the eval bar went all black.

  28. I was taken out of this beautiful moment when that old man told us he was a time traveler.

    I love how Johnny looked at her and smiled and gave a look like “just go with it”

    He is so nice for including “doc” into the conversation who is clearly senile

  29. I’m sitting in my work van enjoying this video so much. It was an absolute treat to watch. What a beautiful exchange between some wonderful people. I was moved when Johnny said he was a Grandmaster of the social aspect of chess. He is for sure. ❤️Thank you for sharing this with us.

  30. The Doc "I'm not from here, I'm from another place an another time."
    Thats deep.

  31. That was such a great, wholesome viewing experience.

  32. All of these people are just nice and kind and wonderful. For a little moment there I was thinking that chess can save humanity. This chess encounter certainly helped in the right direction. Very wholesome 🙂

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