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  1. I have always hated GothamChess, especially because of his lack of knowledge when it comes to chess. Eric Rosen will always be superior.

  2. "Black is chilling. Bing chilling by the way" – GothamChess, 9:02

  3. Good as he may be at chess, he cannot pronounce St. Louis correctly. The s at the end is silent. Period.

  4. I like the new effect YT added when you like a comment😮

  5. CIRCUIT CENTRAL - At Home Circuit Training Group says:

    Could it be that the GMs simply have creativity and intuition that you and other "evaluators" of their games WILL SIMPLY NEVER HAVE? It is like listening to a light microscope explain to an electron microscope how to do their job.

  6. correct me if I'm wrong but at 5:34 I thought that h3, bh5, g4, bg6, d4, exd4, nxd4 is a good move order as if black doesn't protect the night on c6 the the white night will take, pawn will take and then bishop on a4 takes forking the king and rook? (I'm 490 ELO btw so pls say if I'm wrong)

  7. Hello Levy
    What is your email address?
    I wanna share you a game of lichess
    For guess the elo

  8. too muich fuyc.king talking man…. cant see the game just stfu and show the game

  9. at what point do variations from mainlines become inaccuracies? or are computers not insane enough yet

  10. "I don't have a bad structure Gotham, I am the bad structure" Samuel sevian

  11. Although Levi said if he lived 3 lifes he wouldn't be able to have the same knowledge of chess like these grandmasters…
    Similarly, if they also lived 3 lifes they wouldn't be able to have the same energy and the quality of content and commentary that you have..

  12. How do you send a chess game link I had a short but amazing game I’m rated 1000 and I found some really good moves.

  13. i too have got 100accuracy cause my opponent blundered in the oppening

  14. “Black is 🥶chilling🥶, Bing-chilling😎👉👉”

  15. Hello Gotham, how can I send you games that you might review them?

  16. How you define a perfect game in this context?

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