Levy Wins Best Chess Streamer

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  1. Attaboy is all what i wanna say. Feels awesome to be a part of your community man. Keep being awesome!!!

  2. You Deserved it i even voted for you for this award im so happy for you 😃

  3. AND he sacrificed: HIS BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS!

  4. Massively deserved. You are entertaining and a wonderful teacher.

  5. I feel like a proud dad watching this 🥹

  6. and the best part is he didn't even need to sacrifice the rook to win

    I have watched you since 500k from Ludwig's video the bros vs pros, they were playing against you and I got inspired back to play back chess
    Unfortunately I can't rly watch your streams due to the time zone difference, but I have seen and learnt a lot from ur videos, you have deserved the tittle fr

  8. Anna is NOT in this league wtf is she doing there? 😂😂

  9. Hikaru would be like “I don’t care. I REALLY don’t care”

  10. So unbelievably deserved. Congratulations Levy!

  11. Amazing how Hikaru kept the same expression for his entire time onscreen.

  12. It was pretty obvious that he was going to win. He skyrocketed in subscribers for many months.

  13. Such a perfect speech, live love levy.

  14. Why didn't levy thank the 'rook!!!!!!!!'

  15. Ig even Botez Sisters deserved it equally

  16. I love the casual cdwag and hasan just looking over as levi walks up 😂

  17. that was actually a great acceptance speech

  18. I have only thing to say that is: I am glad

  19. Levy won this award because of all the people who came to love the game because of him

  20. then he sacrificed the rooooooook for the wiiiiiiiin

  21. I loved all the nominees. They're literally all over my feed. But I voted for the Botez sisters since Theyre two of them👏👏👏👏

  22. Levy should have started with: "I sacrificed.. THE ROOOOOK to get here"

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