Levy Wins Best Chess Streamer

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  1. i thought hikaru’s screen was just a picture until I realized he was just looking very seriously at the screen that almost got me for a second. 😂

  2. "I prepared like 1000 speeches in my head" – Bro knew he was gonna win. Congrats Levy!

  3. Levy is my favorite chess youtuber so far, I have learned how to play both Scandinavian defense and London system from him, I also reached 1600 rating thanks to him.

  4. Voted for Levi because he got me into chess with THE ROOOOOOK videos. The Norwegians have a way with words 😉

  5. Levy had no idea he was so popular with the heterosexual male chess player crowd.

  6. Wow what a honor lol Anna would never win over the two Botez sister and Hikaru would never beat Gotham in a popularity contest so it was basically 50/50

  7. Why did bro kiss, walk out and all like the Ronaldo winning the award meme 😭

  8. It is proof that not everyone must be a GM to write his name in Chess history with capital letters

  9. Levy deserves it! He got me and my whole group of 20 friends into chess!

    (to get the award)

  11. Levy should have done the Death Stare or said ROOK very loudly, this would have made this moment legendary lmao.

  12. How does the announcer at a CHESS awards ceremony get Hikaru's name pronunciation wrong? Just curious.

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