PogChamps 5: Frank, Sykkuno, Sapnap Return as I Did a Thing & Papaplatte Debut in Chess on Day 3

Featuring xQc, Tyler1, Sapnap, QTCinderella, CDawgVA, Fuslie, I did a thing, and more, Chess.com’s spectacular battle of the creators is back, and with $100,000 on the line! Our 16-player celebrity and streamer chess tournament which previously spawned a mountain of memes, and became one of the game’s biggest sensations ever, returns for a 5th edition!

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  1. As an Australian I can confirm that we do indeed win at chess and catch spiders, and don't do much else.

  2. Papaplatte was called today: Papaplatt, Papaplatte, Papaplatta and Paplatta

  3. ich liebe wie fehl am Platz Papaplatte am Ende in interview ist

  4. Andrea was kicked off because Levy was getting mental health issues🤣🤣🤣

  5. does not matter if you are 600 or 2600 moat of the time you win as white and you play for tie as black

  6. You can't get an Elo in the 100s without trying to lose. There must have been some incentive for competitors to come in with low Elo because lots of them are fishy

  7. Frank is the Philosopher King we need but don't deserve.

  8. is xqc off the tournament? what happened?

  9. 2:14:47 you can trust me if i say that you could've invited a random 2 follower german dude or girl and the chat still would've been overtaken by germans. I don't want to say that Papaplatte doesn't have a huge audience and fanbase but germans on the internet in general are a different breed…maybe we can't be that patriotic in real life and thats why live it out online idk.

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