The 5 Greatest Games Of Bobby Fischer #chess #bobbyfischer #chessgame

The 5 Greatest Games Of Bobby Fischer #chess

1. Donald Byrne vs Robert James Fischer, 1956

2. Robert James Fischer vs Mikhail Tal, 1961

3. Robert James Fischer vs Lhamsuren Myagmarsuren, 1967

4. Robert James Fischer vs Bent Larsen, 1958

5. Boris Spassky vs Robert James Fischer, 1972


  1. В партии с Талем Таль просто сыграл машинально: забыл вовремя пойти a6, иначе бы Фишер вряд ли выиграл…

  2. Фишер великий шахматист! Маэстро!

  3. Replay speed adjustable for those among us…..😂

  4. …not afraid to sacrifice major pieces! That should have been a clue for his opponents each time.

  5. Why did Myagmarsuren resign at this stage. I have set this game up and played multiple variations and can’t see how he was in imminent danger of mate after taking Fishers queen if he had gone on the offensive and advanced his pawn. This would have forced Fisher to take the newly crowned queen with his rook. Myagmarsuren could have then taken that rook with his and put Fisher in check. There were still lots of pieces on the board and Fisher had lost his queen. I’m a new player and have perhaps missed something obvious but it seemed like a premature resignation. I have not used a search engine because that makes it too easy and I don’t learn as much.

  6. Great compilation here and moderate replay speed; thank you!! Except @34:20, this should show ‘0-1’ for Black to win the game. Thanks again.

  7. Boris spaski was big name .his games r not shown.

  8. Could someone Help me with chess rules I keep running into this Situation Where Instead of making a kill I advance my pawn one space Suddenly my pawn will disappear and the other side makes the kill anyway Other times I can advance my pawn one space to Avoid and it is OK

  9. Perseverance in the end Fischer against Spassky excellent play by Fischer Spassky Resigned Fischer would’ve gone on to promote one of those pawns and Spassky would’ve had to use his Bishop to stop one of those pawns from promoting

  10. Tal is my Idol Fischer played a heckuva game some of the moves make me wonder but Brilliancy can not be denied

  11. Wow totally Obliterated Opponent in First Game I’m not sure why both players did not take pieces at certain junctures probably had their reason some bigger picture Opponent got himself in real jam

  12. At about 1:42 when Bobby made that Knight move why didn't His Opponent take the Knight with His Knight? And if Fisher would have Checked Him with His Queen He could have blocked the Check by putting His Knight right back where it was and saved His Knight. Have a good one, ☮️ out. Freeman from Mt. Clemens, Michigan.

  13. A real enigma is: Who would win in an hipothetical match between Bobby Fischer vs Magnus Carlsen?

  14. 😮😢😮😮😅😮😮😅😮😮😮😢😮❤😮😮😮😮😮😮😅😮🎉😅😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😅😮😮😮😮B

  15. The best chess player ever. And most of his records wont be broken.

  16. Bobby… The Greatest ever ❤

  17. Haha, what's funny is there's a lot of moves I don't understand AREN'T taken.

  18. Даже лишившись ферзя, Джеймс Бобби Фишер блестяще заматовал своего соперника, мастерски используя все свои фигуры!

  19. Очень странно, почему Donald Byrne, игравший белыми, не срубил черного коня Бобби Фишера, когда тот пошел конём на а4 и "объявил гарде ферзю белых"?! Что это, как не грубейший зевок сначала со стороны Бобби Фишера, а затем и со стороны Дональда Byrne?!!

  20. Didn’t understand why Mayghmsuren resigned? he could easy hit Fishers white Queen with the King?!?

  21. 00:01 — vs. Donald Byrne (1956)6:22 — vs. Mikhail Tal (1961)13:33 — vs. Lhamsuren Myagmarsuren (1967)18:22 — vs. Bent Larsen (1958)23:11 — vs. Boris Spassky (1972 – game 13)

  22. can someone please explain to me why Fischers knight went to a4 unguarded @1:41 please

  23. Two Genius of the Chess. Wonderful to see

  24. I agre witch you Greatest off all time 😂

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