Punishing Beginner Mistakes | Ponziani Opening

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In this video I play a rapid chess game against fellow Twitch Streamer vengaard_live () who is a relatively new to chess— only been playing for ~3 months! In the game, I unleash the Ponziani Opening and proceed to show no mercy. I hope this game provides some instructional value when it comes to exploiting common beginner mistakes and using basic tactics to seize the advantage. Towards the end of the game (once I achieved a decisive material advantage) I put more of my focus towards answering various questions from the Twitch Chat. After the game, I provide some basic tips and advice and show how black could have improve the opening play against the Ponziani.
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  1. Once the black queen is dead, it's no point to continue.

  2. Just started playing and I find watching you play chess so relaxing 😌

  3. Blacks blunder with pawn A6 is a waste of a move. when he could of done knight from E7 to knight G6 attacking your dark square bishop. He could of also sacrificed his knights by going knight C6 takes on D4 then recapturing with his queen. putting queen into a better square

  4. “im up a rook and a knight, so life is good”

  5. Sorry for my bad chess knowledge but at 3:25 couldn’t black just have moved his queen to the black square in front of his king and then castle?

  6. Why so many ads.. that just make me leave an interresting video

  7. Me (Beginner): Movin a pown 2 steps

    Gm: hes traying the harscan taktic on me

    Me: moves a secound pown

    Gm: No way he switched from harscan tactic to the dubbel pown menuever

    Me: who has no idea What i did feeling my self

  8. That dude is working really har while he is talking about high school

  9. Hello Eric Uncle, I am Cyrus a 7 year old kid.I am watching your games and videos frequently , and learning a lot new things.I am looking for one clarification from you, will you be able to help me. I am trying to find out , how uncle set up the rectangle in the bottom left corner of lichess board with text ' press <enter> to focus.I tried to add such box in my lichess profile, however unable to trace the setting option.Can you help me to find the option for that.Thanks in advance.

  10. This man talking waak all I know about chess is from third grade and Highschool DxD

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