Can Levi Beat Magnus?

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Photo by Lennart Ootes 🙂

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  1. Congratulations Levee on winning against Magnus Carlsen!

  2. It's clickbait omg stop milking Carlsen's existince and start being creative.

    Now pls pin me

  3. Who do you got tonight levy? Bones Jones or Gane?

  4. I absolutley love how the title is both describing perfectly whats in the video while also clickbaiting viewers who didn't notice the spelling. Well done Levy!

  5. can i get a pin of shame for no reason

  6. Am I the only one who saw those highlighted squares. SuS

  7. I've never seen such a scumbag move of your part. I know you clickbait all the time but the fact that the title is "Magnus vs. Levi" is sooo damn unscrupulous. You only played ONE game against Magnus Carlsen and you lost it. Don't make us think that you played him again.

  8. Damn i though it was you 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. ah yes, finally Levi has challenged him

  10. You shitter that title actually got me!

  11. Legends know that his name is levy and caught the clickbair

  12. I am annoyed at magnus, he should fight to keep the title

  13. click baited here! Levi is a genius to catch our attention 😊

  14. I dont like the championship system. if youre the best, you dont need affirmation.

  15. The title is a perfect clickbait, wow

  16. So clickbaiting people is your hidden talent. Keep it hidden please .

  17. Hey my name is Levi I bet I’m better than him

  18. I actually guessed magnus playing h4

  19. It gave up the bishop to deflect the knight from defending e6. So the queen infiltrates and beats up the black king.

  20. I came here running to see the one Levi I know getting cooked and eaten by magnus. Am disappointed 😂

  21. Salute to the people who thought Levy played Magnus because they thought Levy's name is spelled Levi

  22. i could beat magnus im really good

  23. Lol can't say the title is clickbait tho

  24. Is levy an IM? Then isn't I'm better then FM?

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