RESIGN. #chess #funny #checkmate


  1. The power of advanced observation haki is lit bruh

  2. Bro ain't a gm anymore, he's a stockfish full potential

  3. takestakestakestakestakestakestakestakestakestakestakestakestakestakes

  4. Didn’t put his jacket on, so obviously wasn’t over yet.

  5. You cannot use one hand to move pieces and the other to push the clock

  6. Plot twist: He resigned because he touched the clock with other hand..😆

  7. I have seen many person but only this motherforcker

  8. You both did the same thing and it was your opponent's turn.why didn't he continue that 52 mpves and win?

  9. not the playing with one hand and then hitting the clock with the other one 😭

  10. Now I know who to choose to watch me play a chess game so I don't lose

  11. i just imagine how you go to game analysis and it says 1 missed opportunity

    "oh boy what did i miss?"

  12. Why did he come back to the board Even after he resigned

  13. Когда изучил новый дебют и соперник делает не такой ход какой нужен😂

  14. Holding out for 53 moves is very impressive though, has to be worth at least 20 Master Points.

  15. BATES😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  16. You cant hit the clock with your other hand kid

  17. Moved a piece with right hand and hit the clock with a left hand no wonder he resigned….hand blunder😅

  18. It wasnt mate in 52 it was 54 according to me hmm

  19. Cuando solo sabes usar el mate del pastor:

  20. in chess tournaments you only use your one hand and you cannot use your other hand

  21. Bro needs to use 2 hands to move💀 (illegal move brotha)

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