REYKJAVIK OPEN – ROUND 4 | Hosted by GM Pia Cramling

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  1. Seems that he made one blunder, and his blunder was to resign!

  2. Let's go Anna a surprising resignation by asmund. You deserve it. Everyone like the stream and SUBscribe. Pia the goat as well like the producer and mods. Way to go!!!! So hyped only 85k subs from 1 mil!!! Send this live to your friends and family as I did, watched on Youtube and Twitch at the same time. I want this to appear in the trending tab! The fireworks didn't stop! Edit : L move from the mods was to discriminate the French and Hispanic communities. They are easy languages to understand and translate. Please be better for that aspect.

  3. I resigned when there was a draw on the board once. Also in a tournament I was in a player resigned against a GM (he was an FM) but he had a win). But the positions were a bit more complex. Sometimes I thought I was lost and I was winning and vica versa….Such is life…

  4. Pia really needs to work on her skills.. Often she rants so much that she misses the game LOL… And she always changes the board so noone can get a good luck at the actual position

  5. Aw it's nice for Anna to talk him through it at the end ❤️

  6. I am not a chess player, but I stopped browsing when I came accross a scene that I have never seen before: two pawns are engaged in a duel (certainly they are not lovers because they don't kiss each other). Whoever the creator is, he/she is highly creative and has a pile of imaginations. If he/she is a chess player, he/she must be a champion.

  7. For Anna, almost deus ex machina. It was very equal, couldn't see who might enter the end game with advantage.

    Well played both. Back luck fella not spotting e6. It happens.

    Thanks pia as always. It would be quite boring to watch without your commentary explaining what's happening and the upcoming possibilities.

  8. Is it just me or am I actually seeing a few women there. That's good

  9. Pia's passion and enthusiasm for chess really shine through in her comments! I really enjoyed all that extra commenting about the game. Thank you!

  10. I'm not even a chess fan — and really enjoyed your commentary!

  11. What a shocking resignation handshake! Anna’s 1825-rated opponent got “cowed” by her menacing Nf5 that forked his Black Bishop and Queen. Unable to find only saving move Qe6 after 10 minutes of agony, he stuck out his hand in resignation. What a good sport! But he will never resign again so prematurely — lesson learned the hard way. Afterwards, Anna said she was so happy to have won so unexpectedly.

  12. Thank you for live streaming and the commentary!

  13. GG! Anna WP ! Amazing. Nice bamboozling arrangement of pieces ! Qe6 only move to maintain the balance. I hope I would find that. GO ANNA !

  14. I love this play-by-play coloured commentary. It is understandable why Anna is smiling and passionate and exhuberant … chip off the old block.

  15. yea he should have resigned only after if he messed up completely on the next move

  16. Please make the analysis board bigger, the live camera footage showing Anna may be smaller if necessary

  17. i dont know anything about chess but i love to watch it being played if that makes sense

  18. It looks like Anna and Dianah were both at the same table unless that is only a part of the room, The guy in the suit is in both videos. They are both in round 4. So, maybe the super serious auburn russian will go against the fun blonde sweeden. Anyway they are both in the same room….WOW….Intense.

  19. you did AMAZING, I love how you were ON A side but still were like a ROCK.

  20. Dude resigned!!!!!!!! Im glad for u anna but like ur mom im completely shocked!!!!!

  21. Wonderful, this happens, now go out and inhale deep our wonderful icelandic healthy air and and go to bed.! 😘

  22. You need luck to win against a 1800 !?!? …

  23. It is always strange when an opponent resigns unexpectedly. Back in the days when games were adjourned I had an adjourned game which was already in a queen and pawn endgame. My overnight analysis showed that whilst I had an advantage the game would be drawn with best play on both sides.When the time came to resume the game my opponent surprised me by resigning rather than resuming the game. After we had signed the scoresheets and handed in the result, I asked my opponent why he had resigned. It turned out that he had failed to spot the key move that saved the game for him. When I pointed it out he was totally blabbergasted and strarted hitting his own head in frustration.

  24. Thank you, Pia. You are the best to commentate on the play; I learn so much if I have the patience to hear through.😊

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