Chess Bot Sacrifices EVERYTHING

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  1. I also wanted to move the pawn from a4 to a5. I don't know how to feel about that

  2. Everyone british and over 50 knows the origin of the name Leela

  3. “Both are agreeance…” pin of shame please 🙏🏼

  4. 14:33 and now the absolutely brutal QUEEN TAKES IT'S OWN BISHOP FLYING FROM F2 TO C8!!!!!

  5. Yes yes thank u for this game now ok the deep theory which I played by but never ever never would have known the reasons why or what it could really do to take the elo up above 3200 with this game I see it I've been right and did not even know it ok I'll tell and u still might not under stand but white played most of the game off of the back three rows and black played more than white did over the three rows that created black a slight weakness now I tell u more than enough 😮😂🎉😊❤

  6. 1:32 Why are they programmed that way? This even goes against my intuition. A good experienced player will typically have a wider opening-repertoire than a poor, inexperienced one, and I'd expect a bot to have a wider one still, as there are even more situations in the opening where it could afford to play a less-than-best move because it can recover afterwards.

  7. the dilemma he had when he realised that the software has updated made me laugh so hard😂😂😂😂

  8. Hi levy ,Leela is a Hindi word meaning magical disguise

  9. When gotham said 90% of his viewers was 0-1200 elo, I felt special because I was 1246 elo 😊😊😊

  10. Bro we need class room of elite’s chess game review

  11. its possible torch knew it'd get this kind of structure all the way back when it pushed a5 to get the rook there that was then sacrificed to give isolated pawns

  12. Leela is named after the character Leela from Futurama. The first bot named Leela was a bot for the Asian board game Go and it was created as an open source implementation of the Alpha Go bot written by Deepmind. The name Leela was choosen because in Go a group needs two eyes to be considered alive and the character of Leela famously only has one eye. The chess bot was then also called Leela because it is an open source implementation of the Alpha Zero chess bot.

  13. 10:01 no i didn't think of Ne5 i thought of something better i though it was black to move

  14. Levy, go back to in-person chess! I understand about anxiety and ghosts, it happens to me too. But believe me, we would really enjoy having you back and you would have more content 😉
    Anyway, it's your decision, but I hope you take it into account.

  15. What happened to stockfish? Did it get eliminated?

  16. Finally good ai chess content, love it so much!!

  17. Levy: do I exist?
    Rene Descartes: not as much as a GM

  18. If computers always play the same opening unless otherwise instructed, then what is that opening? It's presumably the best one and we should all be using it.

  19. As a 1204 elo person, people are just dumb nowadays

  20. I also sacrificed two rooks and a bishop yesterday.

  21. I guess you could say the bot had too many Leala-bilities 😭😭😭

  22. Levy clickbait titles go kinda hard🎉🎉🎉

  23. Lila is actually a girls name here. From the Arabic layla ليلى (we shorten it to Lila in our accent)😅

  24. We need a commenting engine to understand these games

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