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  1. I might be the only person in the entire world who is commenting on this stream

  2. If you, Alexandra, don’t know that Europe uses 220v while USA uses 110v then it`s your fault not Europe`s and not the hotel one! And especially hairdryer have problems with that. But as a millionaire you surely are too poor to buy a European hairdryer for 30€.

  3. It’s midnight in LA! Good night! Hopefully both will be winners of first game when I wake up.

  4. The best move of the stream was when Alex bit Andrea in the hallway. She didn’t see that attack coming.

  5. 2:58:32 How could he play Nxa4 here instead of Nb6 to d5?! That knight on d5 would have glued everything together, blocked the bishop, protected the a5 pawn, double/triple protected the knights and prevented mate.

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