This Kid Completely Destroyed Me In 30 Seconds

This was round 2 of a blitz tournament I played in Menorca, Spain. Hope you enjoy the video!!

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(Affiliate link, purchases made through this link may generate revenue for Anna)

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  1. But if you see a free horse in a blitz game you take it. Would literally won.

  2. You learn more in your losses than you every will in your wins. So yes, show more losses. 😉

  3. I normally attribute your losses to bad time management but i agree that this time it wasn’t necessarily because of that. You were going to lose the game regardless of you having normal time or infinite time. He just played better from the start and set you up with a lot of different ways to attack you. Gg, Anna. You’ll get em next time:)

  4. Thanks for not only posting videos where you win but videos where you lose as well,… It's very humble and encouraging

  5. I'm always taking free pieces! Overthinking!!

  6. GG / That was funny at end of the video ,when four people including Anna was playing the Cow Opening 😂😂👍

  7. Haha. Glad I just watch now. Good one.

  8. 4:46 Queen D6 make an aggressive move giving you time to reposition. Adjusting to the fork?

  9. I'd say show a game where you 1. Don't worry about pawns, 2. Don't overthink and 3. Win!

  10. @ 2'17" why not Pawn h7-6?? then maybe Pawn g7-5? (Beginner player here).

  11. I know very little about chess strategy, but watching I felt Stanley had a plan and knew exactly what he was doing, you were trying to figure it out as you played.

  12. I dont understand your excuse of “i didnt know the theory well” I just dont buy it. You’re good but you need to dedicate an entire week to understanding every opening and theory. Rinse and repeat every 5 weeks for 3 times and then choose 5 more openings, one week each for 5 weeks 3 times 10 openings, each opening gets minimum 120 hours of study. I mean it will suck but youll be prepared tremendously and wouldnt even take little over half a year. Treat it like a job/school. I hate hearing that excuse lol it bothers me

  13. I would like to see more of the games. Stanley played so good.

  14. I have not played in decades. What I keep believing is that you think to much rather than play your skill. Your thinking is putting more stress knowing the time is clicking away and what form of strategy your opponent could or using. I read one book learning to play chess one summer before my jr. year of high school and rules with the ten-dollar plastic chess set. Though I never played in sanction games only one person beat me that being my friend down the street I shown the game too. I was the only person to win games against him. He played others that his wife knew or her college friends knew like a chess president at an Ivy league school. Which he let play more not beating him in under 20 moves, who this player won often really thinking he had never loss; this was in the late 1980s. Then on a naval ship a person wanted to play that took no offers. So not had played, in years, he won that only game boasting reason others would not play him, only playing that losing game memory of my past playing returned. He was the second and only player winning a game I played. My friend and I, played special rules, like in pool. When presented to catch a piece had to take the piece. No castling till after 10 moves then the king had to be in check. Before 10 moves no castling even in check. A king in check five times the sixth time was a lost.

  15. LOL…I’m not sure how a young boy could play you and concentrate! Good for him

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