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  1. me collecting 4 queens: bro what are you on about?

  2. Can someone please explain what I'm missing… I'm a noob .. isn't qa7 checkmate in 1

  3. It was already a checkmate queen a6 than a8

  4. But black has pawn advantage

  5. Bold of you to assume I wouldn't blunder the knight.

  6. I would do
    Rc8+ Rxc8
    bxc8=N+ (discovered check)

    And after the king moves, I take the queen with my knight.

    Edit: I just realised that the King can just take the knight

  7. In mind :knight
    In chess : rook
    Me: en passant

  8. Sacrificing the queen just to get ur opponents queen? Doesn't seem like an amazing trade tbh…

  9. IDK. Then F5 to G4 and the knight is locked to defending against 2 pawns and it feels kind of even

  10. Qa7 king takes Queen rook c8 rook takes rook knight promotion forking the King and queen

  11. I dont understand the first position: does it rly matter here if u get a rook or a queen? The queen can move exactly like the rook. What am i missing?

  12. 2nd puzzle – rook c8 check black takes with rook, white queen sac on a7, king takes, pown take rook become a knight fork & winning a queen ❤

  13. My dumbass would still get stalemate😂🥲

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