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  1. Sacrifice the rook and promote it to the knight by taking the rook of the black and give a discovery check with the queen and when his king moves take his queen with the help of Knight. Promote your other pawns to queen and win the game eventually

  2. He – I give you hint
    Me thinking the hint would be -"SaCriFicE tHE roOk"

  3. You could promote to a queen and its checkmate

  4. Queen takes a6 mate for the second one

  5. I don't get how making a queen should make it a stalemate should be considered a win.

  6. promoting to a queen wouldn't have been a stalemate, black had a lot of other pieces it could move (e.g. its queen).

  7. '…and we win the game'My dumba** losing: 👁️🫦👁️

  8. I knew it was sacrifice rook then I thoughts you instantly promote 🙁

  9. You could queen a6 if they do any move other than take the pawn under the king you do queen a8 checkmate cause he cant take cause the pawn is protecting the queen and he can go anyehere in the c line cause rook is guarding it

  10. the one for the under promotion isn't the only way to win btw

  11. Wait but Levi, isn't QD8 a brilliant because you end up winning with a rook?

  12. My dumbass would still lose the game because of those black pawns.

  13. Or you could do a queen because the queen is a rock and a bishop combined

  14. Bro a queen can do the same as rook and better

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