I Ranked Chess Players By Rizz

We ranked popular chess players and streamers by their “rizz” aka their ability to flirt and be charming while pursuing a romantic interest. Who will score the highest and who will get the lowest marks? Drop a like and let us know in the comments if you disagree with any of our marks!
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  1. What about GM Canty. Dude will be above S tier

  2. "Do you think she could seduce…a fly?" Lmao

  3. i like know how botez girls know all chess world

  4. I stopped watching when you ranked Hikaru D-tier

  5. All the women in A or higher? what da? Women have less Rizz. They play completely easy mode when it comes to dating. Any attractive women can act like a total goof and still succeed. That's the definition of ezmode.

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