I Ranked Chess Players By Rizz

We ranked popular chess players and streamers by their “rizz” aka their ability to flirt and be charming while pursuing a romantic interest. Who will score the highest and who will get the lowest marks? Drop a like and let us know in the comments if you disagree with any of our marks!
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  1. where is Ding Liren man has infinite rizz by doing absolutely nothing

  2. Personality, in that case D tier. That’s cold

  3. hol UPPPPPPPPPPPPP…………. make a new tier…. call it gotham…….. put it above every other tier …… AND PUT HIM IN THERE !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hans is in his own tier! The rizz speaks for itself

  5. Should have put Ding on this list in S.

  6. Hokaru and magnus both should be top tier.. wym!

  7. Both Erics are underrated tbh also where is my man salty clown??

  8. Hikaru has negative rizz, let's be honest.
    He's just good at chess and a drama-magnet, and that makes him a successful streamer.

  9. Bawbi girl castles in da sky could be a good finish in one of your sets give a tribute almost to the rave moment but you are a badass Dj you got crazy talent don't stop keep mixing

  10. Y'all are going for some insecure and weak ass men if being a strong intimidating woman is seen as negative rizz.

  11. Sorry, they have no vdo of samay raina… those jokes r censored… 😐

  12. Sometimes the best Rizz is almost talking to someone and then telling yourself she probably hates Pearl Jam anyways as she walks away.

  13. Sometimes I think Alex is the hottest; sometimes I think Andrea is the hottest.

  14. wtf we all know chess players are a bunch of nerds who never get p#@#$

  15. Andrew Tate as a chess player would be an S++ tier 😅

  16. Hikaru is funnier than Magnus and cooler than him in all things non-chess related

  17. Damn Andrea's ego has lost all grounding.. Has she forgotten Reykjavik coverage by hammer? I think holding 20k viewers has some rizz right there, especially in comparison with Andrea's Reykjavik coverage tech nightmare 😂 ❤

  18. Omg bro it’s Alex whose ranking chess players rizz by personality and Andrea the other way 😂

  19. Who is above S? The guys who frequent the Botez bedrooms?😂

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