Secret Chess Trick!

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  1. Dude i think when you say "this is how you can crush" you mean you can have crush on all your friends 😂


  3. In my school CCA means Co-Curricular Activities 💀

  4. Cool thanks! I was able to fork the king and a knight with my knight

  5. Finally learning 🎉..I saw that move…I SAW THAT MOVEE!!

  6. I played for 6 months online, reached 1k on rapids, i immediately saw the blunder (fork)

  7. "moves knight to g2"
    "King goes to f1"
    Wait you arent supposed to do that

  8. Well my brain is the Boss so I'm still good with the bishop .

  9. this is the first time i actually got one of these first try i feel so proud of myself

  10. im so dumb i saw the check with horse but glossed over the queen take

  11. "Your opponent just took your bishop. What will you do now?"

    Me: Resign.

  12. Levy : "Always look for checks"
    Also Levy in how to loose at chess : "mE sEe cHeCk mE pLaY cHeCk"

  13. But wait…I need help on how to do check mate I just end up in stalemate😅

  14. Yessir figured it out and actually tried to solve it💪🏻

  15. Also levy: don’t just “me see check me do check”

  16. Omg knight fork check and attack queen😯😯😯

  17. I sacrificed the queen and still got it 😂

  18. The yelling and shaking camera isn’t getting old at all…

  19. Levy you have officially doubled my elo. I started watching your videos a couple years ago around 600 elo. I don't do any studying of chess, I don't do any courses or anything, I just play chess on my phone while I watch TV and when a new Gotham video comes out I watch it. Last night I hit 1200 for the first time. What's even cooler is it doesn't seem like a milestone at all. The games are still easy. I'm blowing through opponents with like 75%+ win rate. I think my actual skill level from all your content is closer to 1300.

  20. What if stockfish 15 is my friend? Can i crush him?

  21. I actually saw it right Away I’m getting better

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