Secret Chess Trick!

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  1. Found this in 5 seconds and I’m sitting at 700 elo

  2. Levy taught zwisenzug and CCA in one video W

  3. Here’s how you can crush your friends at chess:
    Always take black, and if you play on pc, boot up a chess bot, you play white against bot. Do what the bot does for your friend

  4. F#$% yes! I finally got a chess puzzle

  5. What’s the difference between a capture and attack?

  6. My phone is crap so I can’t see the top rank💀💀💀💀💀💀

  7. All 1000 and more be like
    Easy fork the king and the queen

  8. Instead of thinking about cca what came to my mind was danger levels

  9. Can you see a good move…… look for better one……..- Emanuel laskar

  10. haha as a 600 elo i found a fork of the queen and king in like 7 seconds

  11. I would go knight to g2
    Edit: yay I’m getting a lot better at these!!! Started this month at 600elo and I’ve been improving rapidly and am 1100 already

  12. I can't see the damn king so of course I would

  13. I actually got it and I feel proud of myself now. Woohoo!

  14. At my elo the guy I'm playing with doesn't even know what a fork is

  15. Wait wait wait, Levy, I said when I paused the video to check them wi the knight then from there I’ll eventually find out to steal their queen

  16. Instructions unclear, I crushed my friends in chess and now they are swallowing all the pieces

  17. This would work on my friends if they didn’t train chess

  18. Omg- this is the first time I’ve actually gotten a question like this right! Thanks Levy! :3

  19. Can you edit the board down pls I can never see the top row in ur vids

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