An Instructive Chess Endgame Puzzle

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Puzzle FEN:
2kq4/8/1PPP4/8/8/4P3/8/3K4 w – – 0 1

Puzzle Details:
J. Silhan, 1977

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  1. please can you contiue the story of puzzle island i

  2. if you play d8 instead of moving the king closer to the pawn is it still a draw because white enters the opposition there?

  3. Love video, went for eight pawn to check, but for another reason mate.,

  4. Wait… after 1. b7 Kb8 2. c8 Qxc8 3. dxc8 can't black play 3. … Kxb8 instead and end up close enough?

  5. Challenge: chess against martin but you need to win with lower accuracy

  6. It also follows a general rule (though in endgames it is better to just calculate) that you want your opponent to capture the piece that leaves their king furthest out of play last.

  7. Nelson explains better than any other chess YouTuber

  8. Please Nelson, continue the story of bobby fisherman. It is fun to solve the puzzels with story.

  9. Endings are a glaring hole in my chess learning 🙄 thx for this!

  10. Endgames used to be my weakest point, but this one was rather apparent to me by this point in my chess development. Thanks for the extremely valuable videos, where your explanation really shines.

  11. Cerebral Comics - 🎬 Content Creator says:

    Insightful, as always.

  12. Have you put our intrepid friends, Bobby Fischerman and co. on hold?

  13. The outside passed pawn is always superior to be left with. But if black plays Kxb7, Ke2 is the only move to win

  14. These puzzles would be great for the3 next fisherman's episode!

  15. What happens if 2:18 white starts with pushing the d pawn, making the king slower?

  16. Actually, with ideal play, black has a forced draw. At 2:30, black has Kxb7 instead of c7.
    Kd2, Kxc7, putting the black king in the c file instead of the b file.
    Kd3, Kd7, wherever the white king moves to, black can take opposition.

  17. Hello Chess Vibes, by any chance do you cover recaps of top tourneys 🎀

  18. I would just want the king to be as far away from my pawn as possible. Is that ever not the correct line of thinking?

  19. Oh well, this puzzle was quiet easy. PLAY GOOGLE BARD

  20. but, what if the black king takes first the b7 pawn?

  21. It's a draw the only reason why It won was because you ate the center pawn First and then the further pawn

  22. I can't believe that there is actually I a puzzle I managed to solve!
    But I guess that was a Peter-Patzer-ELO chess puzzle.

  23. Nice reminder of the king v pawn endgame ideas, just wish that Bobby and the gang were around too. Looking forward to the series return!

  24. Do you get these puzzles from particular book or you found them in internet? They are interesting would love study mor of them

  25. Pʀᴀᴀɢʏᴀ_ꔪ says:

    Ke2 is the move. If you try any king on d file its going to be a draw

  26. Bruh where is fisherman people do not like fisherman do they😢😢😢😢

  27. Also what happens if u play the move pawn d8 queen after the fork

  28. Stockfish says no!!!!!
    Stockfish takes the pawn on the b file first, then the pawn on the c file, gains opposition and draws the game!

    Actually my head hurts now. White can win, but has to manoeuvre the king behind the final pawn onto the f file.
    It's far more complicated than the puzzle designer thought. I think you should make a new video to correct this one Nelson!
    ( You are my favourite chess channel, keep it up! )

  29. 2:31 What black capture first B pawn and after then C pawn. It that better like that first C pawn and after then B pawn.

  30. Μουχαρέμ Ιντζέ says:

    Thanks for remindin' the opposition. Its often forgotten.

  31. And there he comes with the pawns going forwards again, hilarious, never gets old 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

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