Magnus: “I’m Done”

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  1. “He hasn’t lost a game either”
    Yes he did, he lost the very first game to Fabi, who frankly looks like the best chess player on the planet right now.

  2. Do people really depart after they see Carlsen’s game?

  3. But in the last recap aliresa lost against magnus

  4. I thought he was after 2900 and then Hans nieman happened. Now I don't see Magnus as motivated.

  5. Seeing a white pawn behind the black pawn in game 3 looks so goofy

  6. And he wept for there were no more worlds to conquer.

  7. "soccer, or, correctly named, football". Mad respect for levy accepting the facts though he's an American

  8. Look Honey, it was a very long payoff, but I'm finally Not annoyed by one of your pandering plugs…our man Gotham deserves some extra honey.

  9. 'Gukesh is 10 points away from being the #1 Indian chess player on the planet….for the first time in nearly 40 years'

    Hes not 10 points away from being #1 overall so I don't get it…isn't there always someone rated as the #1 Indian player? Lol I'm confused.

  10. This is not news Levi. It was pretty obvious Magnus wasn't going to be competitive any longer when he chose to quit a tournament rather than face Hans Niemann.

  11. 10 years Magnus turns into Fisher and goes pschotic

  12. Pandering to indian audience because they are a billion people with nothing else to do than play chess after their jobs at call centers?

  13. I am surprised there isn't more talk of the Gukesh game in comments. If I was going to study to become a serious player again, it would be that and a couple of Levy's recent great games he shared. Getting pawns like that? Dang

  14. 0:24 Isn't a sport's team using the worst of their lineup to run out the clock usually when they are guaranteed a win though?

    2:08/11:27 That's an interesting move order of Queen's Gambit Declined. Usually e6 is played after d5, not before.

    2:482:56 That's probably true (obviously you would know better than I) but we are talking about a guy notorious for playing memes.

    9:25 Except that he didn't do anything illegal.

  15. Thats right Gotham=Batman which makes me the Batman of Chess! Im Gotham Chess!!! Elo 2500 beeatch

  16. 5:32 it's confirmed, Levy needs to step of the PC for a few days, even yesterday there was a similar slipup.

    Most of us love your content but you REALLY need a rest dude.

  17. Wesley is the master at always being behind on the clock he needs to rethink his early game.

  18. Thank you for including Gukesh’s game ❤❤❤

  19. Top 10 comments are all about magnus. Did y’all not stay and watch the last game? 2 damn pass pawns! In the middle of the game. Not the end. The middle!

  20. Magnus lost his skills by slacking on YouTube and all the streaming bs. Magnus brother get back on track, YouTube isn't a career or an honour. Full stop.

  21. Ощущение, что Леви обкуренный. Мне кажется, Хикару не ту причину указывает, почему он не будет GM никогда 😀

  22. 13:38 I'd guess about 31 years if it's Vishy isn't the No.1. edit. well I wasn't far off!

  23. This makes the cheating accusations against Hans because he beat magnus really funny. It was actually just the beginning of the end for him.

  24. “It is virtually impossible for black to win in this position”
    600 elo me:

  25. I feel like adding their current standing in the tournament next to their names would be cool (as of the start of the round you’re covering obviously because spoilers)

  26. I liked the part where Magnus said "it's Carlsen time" and Magnused all over the board

  27. No i didnt appreciate you calling back w an ad lol. Call back with a different joke or something idk man

  28. If Nodirbek played with the white pieces in Armageddon, meaning he needed to win and not draw, why play the Spanish and let Hikaru play into the Berlin? Who on the planet thinks they could get a win against Hikaru in rapid with the most solid, draw-able opening in chess?
    Edit: I just got to the end of the game, wow he did it.

  29. It is also testimony to how good Anand has been – that he has number 1 in a country with so many GMs for this long.

  30. Video was so good that I unliked it (I tried to like the video again)

  31. Fischer got tired of chess and developed 960. Maybe Carlsen is tired of chess.

  32. Levy defending magnus position like a proud mom

  33. Fabiano not getting nearly enough praise for how well he is playing

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