She Didn’t Know I Was A Professional Chess Player…

The other day I played chess against a girl from the USA visiting Stockholm. Her friends said she was gonna beat me as she always wins, hope you enjoy! 😀

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  1. It's great to see these two hit it off . They will be friends for life !

  2. Dear Anna. Thank you for sharing this video, and so many others. I have learned a lot from you. This video is particularly enjoyable. I love the joy and effervescence of both players. This is what Chess should be about. Both of you really helped me to have a wonderful morning moment. Again, thank you.

  3. men playing chess
    – _ – – _ –

    women playing chess
    °0° °0°

  4. I would like advice as a beginner. I have got to the point where I think I understand standard openings and getting pieces to the middle, but then what? I get the bishop out and the knights and maybe have some pawns connected, but then it seems like everyone then comes in and smashes me. I guess I want to advance beyond this point against good players, but I am not seeing the game as they would. I just wondered if anyone had advice beyond that. I watch the videos, but I feel like I get confused after the opening and really all I try to do is keep owning the middle…HOWEVER, I tend to get blocked and stalled after that.

  5. If you think of chess as an opportunity to meet new, interesting people. You can never lose


  7. I think the chess game was totally secondary to having a general chat about stuff, neither of them seemed to be concentrating that much on the game..I mean they hardly looked at the board at all….so not a serious chess game but that's okay, at least they made friends!

  8. Poor girl was so busy chatting, I think Anna knew this.

  9. I thought this lady lived in New York City. This is the first video where I've seen her in Sweden.

  10. When I went to Stockholm that was all I wanted was swedish meatballs. They are really good. Also at the hotel we stayed at they had a concierge level where there was free food and free booze. You can just pour your own liquor, there was no bartender.

  11. Dont get me wrong but WFM is not a professional title. Only IM and GM.

  12. Are you sure Bg5 was a good move? When you said it was a good move I was immediately like 🤨

  13. It's so clear that woman are so much more socially adept than men. They just meet and egos not in the way as they pay little attention to the winner and more attention to making friends. Just a beautiful thing I wish would spread to the male gender as well. Perhaps we'd even have less wars.

  14. Funny how the USA hating fake American can't see her time running out as the swede hits the time changer!

  15. Jakoś się nie mogłem zmobilizować do tego serialu ale namówiłaś…

  16. The way that lady chatted so sweetly while not paying attention to the clock was awesome. The way Anna responded by forgetting about the clock was also awesome. Well done ladies!

  17. Growing in chess does not equate growing in wisdom though… they are more than often separate paths

  18. I just subscribed not of the game but of the conversation you two had.
    It's amazing watching two strangers talking like they have known each other like besties

  19. 5:14 Something was incredibly humorous when the girl (Abby?) asked "Where's the best meatballs around here?" and a gold hat cha-chings on top of her. As if it were saying, "Asking the questions that matter!"

  20. Anna: A Swedish chess pro that talks with that valley -girl affectation like she’s a mall-rat from Van Nuys (California) — but with a Swedish accent. “Yah yah O’muh’god!!”

  21. I took on a kid in Austria once. I thought it would be easy. I was slaughtered. Then I saw a certificate on his wall – he was a junior chess champion in Austria. My information had been incomplete…

  22. 4:37 – "That's the best move." Other than resignation, the only one.

  23. Anna is reconceptualizing chess for the world as a primarily social activity.

  24. I was checkmated in one of my earliest games by that exact play, but many moves earlier. Lol. I've always watched for it since!!

  25. shes an angel in a human chess players body.

  26. I didn't know you can have that much fun playing chess! That was really nice!

  27. That was fun to watch! To be fair though, it was that other girl who said Christina is gonna win because she always wins. Christina claimed she wasn't good.


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