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  1. Looks
    Like this dude is the next to be blamed for anal beads

  2. Lmao Magnus is fine Kasparov also lost back back games and he's still goated

  3. Just like the sayings goes everything has limits in the nature

  4. I think you nailed it at the end. New players are coming up with new tech while we watch our idols try to keep up

  5. Someone should check up on Magnus he looks like he's having an existential crisis before every match

  6. Believe me, a man that's so good at what he's doing like him, will have no end except for him stepping back to have a peaceful end. No one stays the best forever, some lose to new men, and some step back to watch sunrise in a gratfull universe. (Yes, it was a Thanos reference)

  7. i wish i could go to the Wimbledon of chess, lose 2 games, and have everyone wonder what’s wrong with me

  8. Make the next magnus win—Magnus Carlsen: Return of the Chesser as the video

  9. maybe he was staring at him, because he couldn't believe he beat Magnus

  10. Is reading something from an opponent's eyes a form of cheating? If you're getting an idea of his thought process, you're basically using an advantage the opponent doesn't have.

    Not saying he's cheating, but the question comes to mind watching the Uzbek stare at Magnus.

  11. Nah he just sacrificed his KIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG

  12. I hate when young people think there the shit snd start "staring" per say.

    I hope that little 18 year old shit grts humbled hard soon

  13. 🇺🇿Abdusattorov we are with you🇺🇿

  14. All he had to do to win was sacrifice… HIS ROOOOOK!

  15. I don’t follow chess very closely, but I can tell that something’s happening with that dude

    Maybe he’s burnt out after thinking 20 moves ahead for so long

  16. I think he is not playing the way he plays he is giving advantage to his opponents in the start then try to overcome them but these guys are also so high rated they just convert those advantages easily

  17. Magnus is drinking a lot, and as you know drinking and aging past 25 decrease your cognitive ability, if not done in moderation. Magus needs to hit the gym to counter balance some drinking lol

  18. He’s lost 2 games big whoop 😂. He’s still the goat

  19. I'm seeing a guy who wants to settle down and get married.

    For some people you see a worn out old GM. But not me, he didn't something compared to people who just talk and never tried anything in life.

    He already gave a hint. He will not play for the World Chess Championship.
    It's time to go and it's okay to go

  20. i tend to lose 2 in a row pretty often 🥲

  21. I kind of want to see an mrekk level prodigy come out or nowhere in chess, but I also sort of want magnus (cookiezi) to stay at the top

  22. lol you kidding me it's been 16 years and I still haven't lost a single game of chess ♟️

  23. He has yet released his evolved form, the *Drunk Magnus*, and his ultimate form *Sleeping Magnus*!

  24. Magnus been sitting in 2nd gear for last 3 years, probably happy that someone finally give him a challenge. Champ is gonna actually go prepare now

  25. You know your good when losing twice is grounds for people to think you’ve lost your touch.

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