spicy tactics and singing chess

#shorts #chess


  1. Is queen f8 not checkmate before he moves pawn???

  2. So he fucked up or was it all intentional?

  3. Can you see, if he had pushed his queen to check the king instead of pawn the game was over

  4. Couldnt he have just won if he played his queen ?

  5. What if he took your pan with knight instead of queen 😂😂😂 then you will loose your pan and queen as well

  6. As someone professionally trained in song this is really painful to listen to and amazing to watch

  7. If the opponent takes with knight isn't he losing a pawn instead?

  8. could he not have gone queen f8 and checkmated right there?

  9. your singing actually really good wtf😭

  10. It's a mate in 1 tho isn't it? If the queen comes up to the king's row and if black defends with the rook queen takes and it's mate?

  11. Niceee 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽😈🥂🥂🫂

  12. Why you wastin time getting a queen when you have mate in one

  13. What are you doing man with your queen you could’ve moved it and made it checkmate

  14. He can sing and play chess at the same time when I can’t do either 😂

  15. Тупее людей ещё не видел

  16. can some explain how he got the pawn past the pawn if the pawn is still in fron?😅

  17. I swear he missed a check mate if he moved his queen to F8

  18. Bhai teri shakal UP k bhai ye vali h esliye English Beth nhi rhi muu pe

  19. Queen in the starting was a checkmate in one move bro….🤓

  20. First I thought he was goofy, then he bust out the pipes.

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