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  1. Nf6, d6, Qe7 are all good too. Losing the e-pawn isn't a big deal because Black is going to get compensation based upon time as well as the misplaced White Queen.

  2. Literally had a game like this 5 minutes ago exact same opening I got shit on

  3. bro jus play knight h6 they dont notice the knight potecting checkmate

  4. Can’t you do pon to d 6 then in doing that make an attack on the queen making it move back? After g 6

  5. I usually play knight to g6 and continue developing

  6. after bc4 do nh6 cuz that develops a better piece, but doesnt attack the queen

  7. You just showed how to block scholars mate

  8. Hey what about night to h6, it protects the g pawn right?

  9. i do knight h6 so that if the dude is bad i just won a free queen

  10. levy, you gotta talk about the f5 variation, its venomous asf

  11. I don’t even know anything about chess but I like his videos

  12. Bro what if this is 1 elo chess😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Jesus Christ I needed this. Used to do everything except the first knight move

  14. Can't count how many times white blundered their queen after I learned to counter this. People who only learn cheap tricks almost never seem to learn the counter.

  15. as a 350 elo, i am white in this situation and i would play g4 g5 and i either win or take a knight

  16. The best counterattack against wayward queen 😂

  17. “How to not let the queen take all your piece at 150 elo”

  18. Oh… thank you for teaching this to me, I lost about 4 bullet games because the enemy used the queen and bishop combinations

  19. I am your fan and subscriber I use d4 and I use the openings scisllion kings gambet kings Indian. And I want to be a GM my rating is only 1632 know but I am improving to 0 to 1600

  20. F6 knight attacks the queen and although it’s risky 9/10 you end up with a 7 point advantage

  21. So easy I knew this like when I first started chess

  22. Background music is from an anime The Blue Orchestra!!!!!!

  23. I’m in the 1100-1200 range and still get this every other game. So annoying.

  24. In the position I keep losing knight roof and pawns

  25. Nelson laughing in the corner, After beating me for the 100th time

  26. what's wrong with d6, if anything? i'm sure there's a problem but i couldn't tell you what

  27. Or before the queen gets out just move pawn to G6…

  28. I hate those early queen moves and they lose their queen😂😂

  29. Was that a fire alarm in the background at the end there?

  30. Knight g6 would be a better move to stop the checkmate

  31. People do this basically every single game until like 850

  32. Or instead of playing pawn g6 you can play knight h6

  33. I kinda had to learn this one myself

  34. king e7 is the best one, u will finish tthe earliest

  35. Almost 50% of all games where i am black starts with that. I only am 700 on the 5 min games. So thank you, this is usefull 🙂

  36. got idea! after (w)bishop c4 (b)horse moves to h6 then (w)pawn from d2 moves to d3 to uncover the bishop and (b)pawn from g7 moves to g6 (horse is still defending by (b)bishop) attacking the (w)queen.😁

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