SUPER RARE Chess Move!

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  1. Brilliant! I only don't like and don't get it why not give credit to the hero of this story?

  2. Every move is raee cause there are many possibilitiws 😂😂

  3. I’ve gotten En passant twice in the same week it was very weird

  4. bruh i litteraly always en passant checkmate everytime now my elo is 1629

  5. En passant checkmate on magnus carlsen. This man just won in life.

  6. I loved the part when the opponent said, "It's chessing time" and then en-passanted all over the board.

  7. That cheating how can he move like that

  8. BRO!!!!!!!!!!!! he won on the en passant he has solved chess and next world hunger.

  9. Come on. Unwatchable blur and noises.

  10. Can somebody explain me the last pawn move is that legal.

  11. oh wait that's en passant? i just did that earlier i was confused how i did it😂😂😂

  12. Once I heard the rarest move I immediately new it involved en passant

  13. Forget about all the other fancy mates en passant mate is the best

  14. I actually have a rarer move under my belt. O-o-o#

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