This is sick

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  1. Can a bishop kill a knight or if it approaches does the knight kill the bishop? Asking for a friend. 😂

  2. I got my first brilliant move today and man do I feel good about it looking at this

  3. 100 elo chess players when they're not getting destroyed:
    “Fine, I will do it myself”

  4. reminded me of a guy whose wife died while giving birth during zombie apocalypse

  5. nah bro felt that entire match through a spiritual level 😂😂

  6. As someone who only knows the rules of chess, I do not understand anything at all.

  7. he act like my friend who so obsessed with when I do the most f up move in chess on purpose and yeah I LOVE IT

  8. Why does he keep punishing himself like this???

  9. Me not understanding anything at all . 🤔🤔😕♟️

  10. Nah bro…no no no no no nooow….that is really messed up…. Really really messed up 💀

  11. Hey if hikaru and magnus did a match who would win

    Day 3

    İ forgot 2

  12. We all were there at one time…I know I was 20 yrs ago

  13. When asian parents see, that their kid got a B+ in math

  14. if ghotam se my classmates games he would die

  15. I feel sad watching Levy receiving emotional damage

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