17 Year Old Ruthless IM vs GM Hikaru Makes Crowd Go Wild! GM Hikaru Nakamura vs IM Ruthless Robert

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  1. Great game! Robert's 17! Someone needs to check his growth rings, lol. He looks closer to 27. 👍

  2. Robert is tough but he needs to reduce his time to 4 min then 3 min to….. Even the champ can lose to skimpy clothes if you play 100 games and only have 30 seconds against five minutes.

  3. must be frustrating to believe that you are fast and good but then realize that you can't even think 1/5 as fast to hikaru and lose. when you knock over pieces and don't set them back up before you punch your clock, yer not playing chess. you lose.

  4. This proves Robert has it in him to travel far. Good Luck and well played!

  5. ok so …..was this game a draw or did one of them win?

  6. effing nuts!!!! i love this!!!!!! thank you for doing this for us!!!! thanks.

  7. The last 3'' is how i play chess with my kid

  8. I think that this is the first time in almost 30 years of playing that I have ever seen the board reduced to kings!

  9. i thougt when you touch a piece you have to move it? is that wrong?

  10. That ending had me jumping in excitement watching their minds rapidly race against the clock while correcting the falling pieces

  11. This guy was putting up a ridiculous fight at 300pts lower rated! Nice speed chess and fast reading. However, we know Hikaru would hand him his ass in slow chess. These blitz and rapid formats are nice to display quick thinking. That's what I like about the variety.

  12. Robert is good but Hikaru is the Ultimate Gigachad

  13. I love that drums song at the end of the game, what song it is?

  14. Without premoves it’s impossible to beat a solid im plus with only 1 minute. You can see some choices he is making are forcing lines.

  15. This is the most intense game of chess I've seen

  16. He could have moved the bishop it wasn’t mate

  17. I disliked the music. Not sure what was up with that.

  18. I'm not really understanding the missed checkmate. When you say white rook to g8, what is stopping black king to d7?

  19. The situation presented at 6:47 is not check mate. Both players have about 10 sec left. The Black king is no longer trapped as soon as the White Rook moves to g8. The black king is than free to move to d7. Also, Black could have moved the bishop from e2 to c4, to stop the Rook moving to g8. As a delay action.
    One month on youtube, 174k views, from what i saw in the comments, only 2 other people noticed the game was not guaranteed to end in checkmate, and only 1 thumbs up between the 2.

  20. I love this high level chess….but as a coffee chess fan…..I mis Tex and Sue

  21. Please show the board from the side of the really good player, not this "i have 5 times the amount of time" wannabe

  22. Love Robert's facial expression at the end when everyone chants out to have another game. 😂

  23. at 6:07 neither time on their clocks moved, even though hikaru supposedly pressed it.

  24. The #1 player in USA vs. the 79th best player in USA – kool

  25. brilliant focus to get the draw by robert well done

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