17 Year Old Ruthless IM vs GM Hikaru Makes Crowd Go Wild! GM Hikaru Nakamura vs IM Ruthless Robert

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  1. Cant pin the knight hikaru has a knight C3 check picking up the rook after

  2. wow this guy looks older than me and i am 48.

  3. Tekken King: Only the 2 KINGS at the end huh? 😁

  4. hikaru would have won if he even had like 30 more secs or even a 2 min to 5 min game it would have been easy for hikaru

  5. The intense music was feel like being in war

  6. Nice game,and i witnessed how no one talked inside their game and they wasn't talking trash to each other,which opens the door for others talk.But the Dude in the nice coat broke the rules of chess at the end.You aren't suppose to hit your clock intill your pieces are on the squares

  7. Could you please not put text over the chessboard while they're playing? I only watch the actual board, not the diagram at the top..

  8. Haha the other one just blocked hikaru at the end xD

  9. Girl with the hat has a beautiful smile

  10. This is why I don't like playing without an increment over the board. I don't know why street players insist on playing without an increment. I guess it feels hardcore or whatever. The time scrambles at the end are always absurd. The pieces always get knocked over. At least make it a rule that if a piece is out of place when pressing the clock then it's a loss. Consider it an illegal move. Also the opponent shouldn't be able to start touching pieces until his clock is running.

  11. The rules are stupid to make it become a dextery contest. I understand it for online games but for on the table games there should be a 2 seconds per move minimum when the time runs out.

  12. your answer is incorrect. Its rook c7 instead of rook g8

  13. The game was played sloppy with pieces flying off the board at the end… the player who didn't place their piece on the square should be forfeited… IM failed to place king standing upright… at the end…

  14. noted: Hikaru knocked down opponents king… sloppy play.. ie a forfeit in my book… don't want to play canibal chess… Player who does that needs to fix that, ie waste time… so a slop-fest instead of a slugfest…

  15. The young dude at the end, after 06:05, he was moving his peices while hikaru was still playing.By the time hikaru moved his hand to pass the time, the kid was already waiting and instantly passing the time to hikaru.Not sure if this is legal but don't think its ok to play during your oponents turn.

  16. the over the top loud jungle drums at the end was 100% unnecessary

  17. The ending was so messy and unsatisfied.

  18. Who started playing drums and blowing that horn at the end of their game?

  19. Damn that was to fast for me, even pausing it didnt help, couldnt find the frame to see each move, it jumped three moves for every frame man

  20. video reeks of accuracy in clutch time!

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