Take This Queen, Win $60,000.

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0:00 Intro
1:01 Game 1
4:23 Game 2
9:57 Game 3
14:50 Queen Blunder

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  1. Wesley has an unfair advantage since Hikaru is a muggle…

  2. Levy why didn't you play the luka bot at its peak

  3. I skipped to the third game…..
    Only to immediately get rewarded by Levi for having an attention span that can last ten minutes….
    I am ashamed.
    Well played sir.

  4. 0:02
    "Have you ever blundered a Queen in chess?"
    Well yeah many time accidentally but chess is not the only place I've blundered my Queen
    I still miss her 💔

  5. OMG, how can Wesley So missed tat???
    It is simply an incredible blunder..

  6. A kid could like walk down the street and learn something from people yelling at him or her
    This line got me 😂😂

  7. Gotham, can u make a video on lidraughts (just look up I don’t have url). It’s just like lichess, but with checkers

  8. This video is a masterpiece! I had already seen Hikaru's recap of the game, but this was still entertaining to watch.

  9. How to defend your first blunder as GM. Love yaa Levvy😊😊

  10. And just i thought that Levy turned into MrBeast for a moment

  11. Gotham: I’m allergic to taking pawns

    Literally next second: Wesley takes a pawn 😂😂😂

  12. It was 50k I believe. Hicaru won the other 10k previously I think.

  13. I've never gotten a queen trapped, 300 rated players don't know how to trap a queen 😎

  14. 10:42 the way Levy talks for the next 10 seconds is the way I talk in school about a subject I really know about (I'm a nerd too Levy)

  15. If YouTube allowed people to like more than once on a video, I would give this man the max

  16. Damn… best argument I've ever seen for a decent second place prize!

  17. Can you make a opening video of Queen's Indian gambit

  18. 60k and your kid says I identify as a cat 😂

  19. so no one gonna talk about knight e4? the queen is not trapped at all….

  20. im only 900 elo so dont yell at me but cant wesley move his knight to e4 then either they trade queens or he ends up with a knight, then takes bishop with check then take a rook

  21. levy had his own fight club in his days back in school which wasn't under a bar, but in the woods , where he would beat up kids and other kids would keep it a secret

    truly the mafia of 2000s
    this deserves a pin of crime

  22. 18:53 or So, Wesley thought 🙂 knowing levy, that was definitely intentional

  23. Man kids fight in my high-school all the time they just fight in the halls

  24. I am allergic to taking pawns 😂😂😂

  25. And in this position Hikaru had in fact stopped an avalanche with a horse

  26. The Cartman impression was nearly perfect 🤣🤣

  27. 7:50 I wish they did. I've always wanted to fight someone at school. (mainly because I believe I would win)

  28. "Do kids still fight or do they just cyberbully eachother?"
    – Levy Rosman (not quite a GM)

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