Tate Exposes His True Chess ELO

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  1. How do you guys not realize that Chess is more like a hobby for him.

  2. For those who don't play chess. 1800 Elo is really impressive

  3. 1800 at blitz is remarkable his rapid rating could be more than 2100

  4. I’m stuck around 900-1000 lol. On 3min blitz

  5. He’s absolutely correct about chess. It’s all about putting in the time and effort to learning openings and lines that you are supposed to play, get to mid game trade your pieces off and leave yourself with an advantage and perfect the end game which has been solved because there are few pieces left.

  6. I wonder how people play chess and enjoy it I reached 800 and was fking bored to death won a few 1300s too but still most fking boring game ive played after a bit.

  7. 1800 is still very good for someone who doesn't study and analyze games

  8. Same thing happened to me in fighting games. There's a difference between playing to improve and playing just to play

  9. Just like me: I know all the answers, I know how to study, I know how to get a 100 in an exam but no I won't study.

  10. He plays 3 minutes on mobile? That’s a king time

  11. I used to play 3 minute blitz and my rating stayed the same. I then switched to rapid so I could think about my moves and my elo skyrocketed

  12. I’m at 800 Elo but I’m new to chess and haven’t played much

  13. Surprisingly!
    1800-1900 is an average chess player .
    But! Most people on earth NEVER play more than ten games of chess in their entire existence. 3min games have practicalities.
    But Master says 10min. Is the sweet spot.

  14. Damn 1800 pretty good I’m still at 1400 myself

  15. His father Emory Tate was a real monster but unfortunately he couldn't make that much money on chess 😢

  16. Never thought I’d hear Tate say elo

  17. His dad was an IM, he was okay at chess. Not a monster, nowhere near it

  18. Bro i saw one of his games he probably 600 elo

  19. Dude spends 45mins a day playing mobile games 🤓

  20. Blitz trains instincts and vision, you never gain any understanding in blitz because neither person is looking deeply into the position.

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