Thank You. Goodbye.

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  1. okay, what about Hikaru who creates a lot of new accounts and play with 600-800 players? dont they think that he is cheater? Maybe this guy also is not a cheater? Maybe he is the FM, IM or even GM who like Hikaru created new account and do something like speedrun?

  2. I think Gotham's son might break that trophie😂🥂🥂

  3. Levy! You deserve this and I am really happy for you! Congratulations! I wrote a comment about living for your 'get outta here' outro because it was missing from a few earlier videos. I am so glad you brought it back since that. (not sure if you actually read that comment, but its ok, just happy you decided to stick with it) Congrats again man!!! so happy for you!

  4. Me if there was an award for sacrificing the rook:

  5. 8:34 I love how it says M1 on the eval bar like stockfish just knows someone's about to cheat and win

  6. Dam bro you know 'Stotle??? That's some real G flow, congrats on your award by the way. Well deserved!!!

  7. Soy el único que tuvo que ver 20 anuncios de 20s

  8. 19:30 du dud udu du dud hdu duh duh dud hdu duh du duh lLlLllmlmLmllm

  9. I wonder, if the engine suggested to play en passant, how much time would the cheater need to realize… Obviously he hasn't seen such move ever before.

  10. Everything changed when the fire nation attacked lmao

  11. 7:02 "What? How is he cheating if he's losing in 12 moves" -Gotham 2023

  12. For the title name, “goodbye?” where do you think you’re going? 💀 😭

  13. A 900 just played a 90% accuracy 40 moves

  14. If i ever cheat in chess my secret goal is 100% gonna be in a gotham video

  15. It's actually pretty lame that you won that award. It's solely based off of audience and you've found a way to accept your lower chess self and attract the plebs. Good job, you'll win every award ever in chess that requires people to vote. Woo hoo. You became a gm in something, nice.

  16. I think the blow up of Andrew tate helped Levy gain so many followers in a sort period of time, because of Andrew tate being a good chess player as well as his dad Emory tate being a grandmaster, Andrew speaks highly of chess and being the most famous person in the world so I think that helped Levy and also chess in general, but don’t take nothing away from Levy he is definitely the best streamer

  17. 19:33 that one kid in my class when the teacher asks him what he’s doing💀💀

  18. On a good day, I'm around 1400-1500. Honestly, I highly doubt I would've found that long castles mate more than 2-3 moves out without (at least) a good minute of thinking. Not the worst cheater video I've ever seen, but still diabolical.

  19. Fun fact: The most popular gambit among 500 elo players is Botez gambit declined

  20. Damn congrats to green for having such a high evaluation so early in the game. 3:29

  21. 6:40
    "How is he cheating if hes losing in twelve moves"

    "LiSteN tO mE"👹👹👺

  22. HI Levy congrat with your award but can you please explain to me why is the bar said there is a mate in one 8:31

  23. Just get your GM norms already you pussy.

    I say that with love

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