The BIGGEST Mistake Chess Players Make #shorts

This is the Biggest & Most Common Mistake that Most Chess Players Make. Beginners & intermediate players immediately exchange when they get a chance. Remember, this golden rule – ‘To Take is a Mistake’.
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  1. I had this exact same position in a chess game

  2. Sir which wooden chess board you use please tell me please.

  3. I am your subscriber can you please gift me a wooden chess🙏🙏

  4. But there was a bishop of white to kill the knight

  5. Instructions unclear opponent is up 9 queens 2 rooks bishops and knights😢

  6. To take is a mistakeBest advice for anyone playing against tal

  7. "to take is a mistake"Not when my opponent blunders the queen💀

  8. If taking is a mistake then whats the point of checkmate if you cant take the free king😂

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