The BIGGEST Mistake Chess Players Make #shorts

This is the Biggest & Most Common Mistake that Most Chess Players Make. Beginners & intermediate players immediately exchange when they get a chance. Remember, this golden rule – ‘To Take is a Mistake’.
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  1. Don't take if it makes your opponent get better play.

  2. I m a beginner i thought i would move my pawn😶

  3. Normally we try to avoid complex situations so we play take – take.

  4. What is you take the horse with the bishop

  5. When black took the white knight, why couldn't whites bishop take Black's bishop?

  6. Putting h2 pawn to h3 woukd be a good idea for me because opponent was threatening in h2. If we make h2 pawn to h3,
    he can't move his queen to h2 and checkmate, and that pawn is threatening the knight. So, if queen then tries to take h3 pawn, g2 pawn will take the queen, right?

  7. Just move that pawn on the left one step forward

  8. Fun Fact : This game is Bill Gates vs Carlsen

  9. "To take is a mistake"

    Me : doesnt take open Queen

  10. Pls provide me the link of this board which u used in beginning

  11. Sees an open peice remembers the rule "to take is a mistake"

  12. Not a good principle at all.
    The biggest mistake imo is to play too quickly

  13. bF4 to protect the pawn in H2, then H3 to force the knight to escape and bG5 to trap the queen

  14. To take is a mistake.

    Me 13 moves into a game, having not taken a single piece: This game is so easy now

  15. If the queen takes the pawn after white moves the horse it that not checkmate?

  16. This game improve my game that I'm my game my queen is trapped but I found a brilliant thing is to sacrifice my queen to rook and the black queen captures it but what I do is to fork using a knight and I capture the queen and also I win a piece, I wish this video helps a lot!

  17. I followed this golden rule and didn't take my opponent's pieces when I had chances. But it resulted with my opponent checmating me with all his forces.

  18. Ah yeS, to take is a mistake.
    My opponent when he hangs his queen:

  19. the way you know I am 200 elo is I said just move pawn h2 💀

  20. Allowed to activate a bishop.
    Bruh. I will just take a bishop.
    Increasing tension near your king is not a good strategy

  21. Please put some provisos like this rule does not apply while playing against players stronger than you.

  22. OK here's the problem with saying that, most beginners will hear that and think that tree along is always a mistake and while in a complicated high tension situation, it usually is, some of them are afraid to trade pieces even when they gain an advantage. I was in a tournament yesterday and a player from a younger category had been offered a Quean trade when their opponent had less material and he should have taken the trade since it would have prevented any further tactics involving the opponent using that piece to regain an advantage but he didn't, and he also lost a rook to a pin by said Quean. When he was telling his coach how he lost the game, the coach asked him why he didn't trade Queans and he said "to take is a mistake". For reference, he was 15.

  23. And here I thought h3 was a move. I'm 600 for a reason, chess is something I'll never have time to get really good at but enjoy playing for 10 or 15 minutes to wind down.

  24. My 3 iq ass :
    Use the black whitetile bishop

  25. Nxg4 then Bxg4 then 2Bxg4 look how the black bishop doesn't exist anymore

  26. Where can i find this Black-White predictable chess app?

  27. I’ll remember that rule only when my opponents queen is hanging

  28. Was a good video before this "To take is a mistake" no need for a quote if u don't have one u just embarrassed yourself I mean u need to analyse the position before taking like if the opponent hangs his queen I don't take it?

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