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  1. I think he might interview vishy and not confront him

  2. We all know who is the real would champion 😊
    Are the women allowed in the mens championship? Men in womens ? If only one way, why ?

  3. 3:59 "Some of you weren't even born in 2022" that felt personal

  4. Levy Alireza was black and Pragg was white you mixed them up

  5. they have to change the draw rule …. playing for a win should be much more counted…

  6. 1:25 off the bat – I hope that you will put a much deeper focus on any decisive games or any games which had a strong possibility to be decisive, and try to speed through any games which are uneventful draws… if you feature them at all. in the past you generally haven't, I'd rather you keep the tradition that way 🙂

  7. Does anyone knows why Nodirbek is not in the candidates, if I'm not wrong he also qualified Right?

  8. I hope Hikaru becomes the world champion, no one deservers it more than him

  9. These games featured crazy sacrifices, brilliant tries. If you still call it boring, just because it's a draw, then you better quit chess or get stuck below 2000 elo

  10. Please show women in a seperate video, really, i like that they get the attention, but just like in football, i, and many other just care for the men

  11. I really like this format levy i wouldnt mind if you would go over certain interesting games a little more i wouldnt mind if the video is 1h long (sorry for my poor choise of words)

  12. i feel like you missed a lot of details in multiple games(almost all). for example, you never talked about vaishalli having 30 secs on the clock, did not explore the vidit-gukesh position, because that position really was on a knife's edge and the position could have favoured anyone with just a few inaccurate moves. There were a lot of deep positional ideas in the vaishalli game (ex – going to rook d3 instead of d2) and in the hikaru-fabi game as well. It's honestly disrespectful to the game.

  13. Vaishali is a GM, not an IM
    The only IM in this tournament is Salimova

  14. Unstoppable force meets an immovable object 🗣️🗣️🗣️

  15. bro please stop putting womens chess in the same vid as mens. everyone is skipping those parts lmao

  16. Thanks for making this, there is literally no other way to see the match analysis without spending hours

  17. FIDE might not accuse people from the same country of collusion, but Bobby Fischer sure as hell did accuse the Soviets back in the 1960s, which is where the "people from the same country play early" rule comes from.

  18. the only reason they have a womens event is so women will be seen playing chess at all at the highest levels. smh… womens anything is just the special olympics in comparison to men. fact. dont shoot the messenger.

  19. Nijad had to try and win with white. U dont play Candidates to survive u play it to try and win it. Also, we just fast forward women chess so just put men first TY.

  20. If that bishop move played by his masters he will be like my goodness wow bla.bla bla bla wow wow my goodness. But here he says weak vidit made gukesh sleep by playing slow indirectly taking turns on him
    Well played gotham nice one 😂

  21. as always, great recap!
    a standings board at the end of the videos would be cool i guess 🙂

  22. Imagine having to recap candidate instead of playing it
    U are washed leeway

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