The Egg

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  1. Hi Gotham!
    Just wanted to ask if you could review my game for next vid I would really appreciate it thanks

  2. Can I offer you an egg in this trying time?

  3. помню был хайп , в котором фото яйца было самым популярным постом. Ждем когда дебют яйца будет самым популярным дебютом XD

  4. Congratulations for 4 million subscribers 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  5. I got egged while trying to egg someone 🙁

  6. Would it be better or worse if you took 3 spaces with the g pawn instead of 2

  7. The egg vs the cow needs to happen literally right now.

  8. Could we play e3, g3 (or g4), Bg2? Still spells "egg" but gets a bishop developed and doesn't involve wasting a move.

  9. This is the only guy in youtube that has me clicking an egg thumbnail

  10. I’ve always loved chess, but I must admit the current grob and bongcloud meta dominating the game has caused grandmaster games to become somewhat stale. Im very glad to see Levy inform the public of a new competitive chess opening.

  11. some say only magnus can achieve the “egghead” opening unlocking the power of stupidity

  12. Do cabbage next. Pretty sure it's another Rosenism but it's interesting to see you theorise. I think his toughest was abRacadabRa fwiw…

  13. I didn’t understand the name until the 2nd game

  14. i saw a video called egg, i was very intrigued and i had to watch it

  15. Levy should make a series where he gets a coach and does whatever it takes to become a gm

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