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Robert James Fischer vs Laszlo Szabo
Havana (1965), Havana CUB, rd 8, Sep-05
Spanish Game: Closed. Kholmov Variation (C92)

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 a6 4. Ba4 Nf6 5. O-O Be7 6. Re1 b5 7. Bb3 O-O 8. c3 d6 9. h3 Be6 10. d4 Bb3 11. ab3 ed4 12. cd4 Nb4 13. d5 Nd7 14. Na3 Bf6 15. Nc2 c5 16. Nb4 cb4 17. Nd4 Bd4 18. Qd4 a5 19. Bf4 Nc5 20. Re3 f6 21. Rae1 Qc7 22. Bg3 Nd7 23. Kh2 Rfd8 24. R3e2 Nc5 25. Re3 Nd7 26. Qd3 Rab8 27. Qe2 Rb7 28. Kh1 Nc5 29. f4 Rf8 30. e5 f5 31. Bh4 de5 32. fe5 f4 33. Rf3 Qd7 34. Qd2 Qf5 35. e6 Ne4 36. Qd4
00:00 Hello Everyone!
02:20 Game Starts!

Havana (1965)
The 4th Capablanca Memorial International Chess Tournament was held in the capital city of Havana in Cuba. Eighteen grandmasters and six masters participated in the round-robin event at the Habana Libre hotel from August 25 to September 26, 1965. It was one of the best-funded tournaments at the time, due to Ché Guevara’s patronage. As the director of the Cuban National Bank and Minister of Industry, he guaranteed a $3000 first prize with more than $4500 to be dispersed among the next five finishers. This edition of the memorial gained worldwide significance because it was the first international tournament in which Bobby Fischer would be participating since the Curacao Candidates (1962), more than three years before. He had agreed to attend for a $3000 appearance fee, but difficulties arose when the US State Department refused him a visa to travel to Cuba. When Fischer suggested playing by telex from the Marshall Chess Club, the organizers agreed although it would end up costing them over $10,000. Although Fischer had been playing regularly in US championships in the intervening three years (and winning them all), this tournament would mark the first time Fischer would be facing a number of the strongest Soviet grandmasters since his accusations against them for conspiring to keep him from winning the Candidates Tournament to challenge Botvinnik in 1963. Fischer’s main Soviet rivals at this event were former world champion Vasily Smyslov, Efim Geller and Ratmir Kholmov.

Borislav Ivkov led for most of the tournament, but suffered a tragic collapse at the end. In the penultimate round, with a won game against the tailender Garcia, he blundered and had to resign. In the last round, with White against Robatsch, he played for a win, but lost again. This enabled Smyslov to finish first by one-half point, despite losing to Fischer in their individual game. Fischer shared second place with Geller and Ivkov. Kholmov joined the top finishers in fifth place.

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  1. Didnt know Luffy’s brother used to play chess

  2. Is Szabo the guy who missed #2 against Reshevsky after Bxf6?

  3. There are few players in chess history who have as many instructive games against the Rut Lopez as Fischer, and against all kinds of opposition

    This is normally missed as Fischer's name is synonymous with the Sicilian and even the KID.

  4. Using an actual board and peices is pointless at this level. These guys can remember 10+ boards in their mind at once and just play virtual mind chess calling out moves to each other. Any gm can really.

  5. Why didn't you say "It was after this move that this position has never been repeated again"" for this game?

  6. Fischer might have been the one centralizing the queen but Agad is the one telling the world about it! <3

  7. Fischer played like this without the aid of any computer programs. Sheer genius. GOAT.

  8. I miss these historical games. That’s kinda the reason I subscribed many years ago.. When are you making your next saga? I heard you say steinitz was next but I never saw it appear. I understand a whole saga is a lot of work but PLEASE upload historical games more than once every 4 months.. #suggestions

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