The End.

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0:00 Intro
3:50 The Biggest Chess Boom
8:20 World Championship Problems
13:48 Hans Niemann
15:32 My Future
19:25 Leaking My Dashboard
23:00 The Book
26:35 Final thoughts

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  1. Levy charging ₹1400 for a book. Now that's a robbery

  2. I came back into chess during the 2022 Speed Chess Championship.
    Anand was World Champion when I took a break from Chess

  3. Man I would get your book in German to practice my german while I learn more chess, but why did they butcher the beautiful cover of the original 😢😅

  4. Happy New Year Levy may 2024 bring you much more YouTube success and an increase in elo

  5. Levy, did you say netflix already has a documentary on Magnus or is working on that?

  6. In 2024 we should accept that the rule of en passant is the forcing move

  7. One of the reasons your book is selling that well is because its only 10 pounds/euro's. While other chess books are more expensive especially ones frok yters.

  8. I really liked this video. This is not the end, I think this is just the beginning 😁

  9. Maybe you can publish a second book for players around 1800. The only reason I didn’t buy your book was the caption: „and the second half builds upon these core skills for more experienced players (800-1300 Elo rating)“.

  10. Hi Gothan, I loved your book, I would like to see your book in Portuguese.

  11. started playing in jan 2023 and went from 500 to 1600 RAPID!!!!!!!!!
    thank u levy!!!!!!

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