The End.

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0:00 Intro
3:50 The Biggest Chess Boom
8:20 World Championship Problems
13:48 Hans Niemann
15:32 My Future
19:25 Leaking My Dashboard
23:00 The Book
26:35 Final thoughts

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  1. Levy's talent to summarise a fulllll year of the GAME OF CHESS in a video which makes the audience recollect in a better way is really really amazing. Thanks to his credit of being a transparent person to the community of chess and explaining the fun , interesting, joyful , controversial scenes being played in the game of chess!🫡

  2. Started chess earlier this year in February and it's amazing how time flies by so quickly!

  3. i get into chess this year because of my friend , sadly my friend quit chess

  4. You are the biggest reason I still play chess, I turn 22 in February and I got into chess in 2019 because I cudnt play any sports my senior year in high school so i turned my efforts towards chess. i actually stopped playing for a while until i came across your youtube channel. because of you i went from 600 to 1400 elo and you made chess seem so cool and fun to me. idk if you will read this but thank you for being a catalyst for my love of chess.

  5. I went from 290 in February to 1300 elo to end the year. Thanks Levy

  6. As a growing youtuber myself, and this year being my most successful year, I would like to say that I really love this video and five into your thoughts as a content creator. Ty

  7. If you do make a video surrounding woman in chess (which I think would be really cool), you should definitely reach out to some of the other woman creators in chess to help give some perspective– maybe you could even interview a couple.

  8. A few of my friends got me into chess in jan 2023 and i was pretty bad (600 elo) when i started, but watching your videos and recaps of gm games really was what helped me hit 2000 peak this last month (currently ive fallen to 1900 lmao) thank you for all the memories levy o7

  9. I think you don't give yourself enough credit for having the ability to speak coherently and not like a super introverted chess commentator of 1990.

  10. HAPPY NEW YEAR LEVY….i wish 2024 to be the best year for CHESS

  11. Congratulations Levy I’m 56 yrs old and love playing I’m not that good but I love the game and your content is amazing Salute to you and may you continue to do what you do for many many years 💯💯💯Many blessing for this next year 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. People is celebrating the new year with their family and i celebrate the new year by give it the best sleep ever

  13. Didn't even mention Tyler1 Getting into chess and showing the lol community that chess is fun

  14. Levy never fails to never levy fails to never fail nevy levy fails to never

  15. I got into chess when i was 7 year olds because of levy, ever since ive been a huge chess fan and playing to this day. Happy new year.

  16. 35 yr old tree cutter
    Got into it this yr after revisiting old wu tang albums
    Now me my kid and their mother are addicted
    We legit got excited when anastasia bodnaruk won the world blitz other day haha

  17. Did you guys spot the duo in the background like begind that vase thing?

  18. Thanks man… It's been an awesome ride watching you grow and develop as a person and I'm happy for it.

  19. And another thing ,Magnus don't need to make more content for his own channel ,Levi do it for him 😂

  20. I’ve watched your YouTube Channel for a few years I guess. I’ve bought your courses. I’ve changed to using the Caro Kann. I encourage you to do whatever you think is best to advance the game, encourage play, and educate people on this wonderful game! My only ask would be to do boring titles of You Tube videos (“Round 1 of the XXX open”) but I get why you do what you do and I don’t hold it against you. I wish you the best and I look forward to your future endeavors.

  21. I started watching and subscribed to your channel back when you had 250,000 to 260,000 subs. You give advice in how to play, theory, and history of the game plus Great insights and commentary to the Chess world always. Thanks for reawakening my interest in chess.

  22. I am that minority female on her early 30s who watches every single video because I like the voice and the content .❤
    Happy new year ! 🎆🎊🎈

  23. Levy
    I haven't finished the video yet, but a nice thing that will get you new eyeballs is COLLABS
    Not just Chess ones, but even other YouTubers/content creators who aren't even in the "Chess World" if you get the right people you will definitely get traction. Could be playing against them blindfolded or with time odds and of course you do a video on their channel that matches their content.

  24. Levy says that the queens gambit was the best thing that happened to chess. In a few years this statement will be wrong. He will be the best thing that ever happened to chess. Keep it up levy.

  25. I started chess by seeing gothamchess from January 2023.I am 13.

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