The Fall of Hans Niemann

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  1. A great chess player who isn't athletic? Weird

  2. Every time levy says "I got news for you" my brain immediately interrupts with Ice T saying "that means you're gay"

  3. As a Utah skier, I can clarify it's Alta ski resort that banned snowboarding lol

  4. "Peg has been put into…. Wheels" oh my what was I thinking

  5. You're comment characterizing snowboarders as being "douche" reveals what I consider to be a flaw in you're game. I think it would do you good to look into that . . .

  6. Wonderful game, I wish I had a good rating lol

  7. They banned snowboarding from Alta. I enjoyed the Utah reference.

  8. So the draw variation is snowboarders and the endgame is skiing?

  9. Hmmmm maybe Hans didn't get the right hint from stockfish huh?

  10. man who tf makes your thumbnails they look so badass

  11. "Peg in the wheel" is not an expression, its either a "COG in a machine" or a "spoke in the wheel" in both cases, the meaning is a MISSING cog or spoke., but in the latter, you can interpret it a as a spoke thats being jammed into the wheel from the side, stopping the wheel.


  12. I'm a snowboarder and I laughed immediately when you said that. It's definitely true about the probabilities haha

  13. Fact Checking Gotham Chess:

    As a fellow Utahn, Levy is correct.

    There are several ski resorts in Utah that ban snowboarding.

  14. This man giving a sponsership speech from better help to make us feel better about ourselfs all the while he kcisk us down by saying we are still 400 elo

  15. Where is Anand? He is not participating in any chess games?

  16. Levy is 28?? I thought he was mid thirties for some reason…

  17. The second part of the video when the joking tirades came naturally was much more enjoyable than the first part.

    Its not that its not good, but in a daily video format the style and vocabulary can both get cliché if overdone.

    And I feel like Im reaching a point where as a viewer I need screen time away from the Gotham persona.

    Food for thought Levy.
    Thank you.

  18. I love how he talks about skying and snowboards just to forget what he was saying.

  19. I hate this opening, so thanks for the lesson 🍉

  20. I agree with Levy, the Sicilian fits Hans aggressive play style better, as the results from the last tournament show.

  21. Former title: Hans Niemann Has Fallen
    Formerer title: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! And the background was blue

  22. Finally, I can play against him without feeling bad

  23. Turns out the en passant is forced no matter the elo

  24. snowboarding is banned in Deer Valley, not PC!

  25. Title change of shame, we saw that Levy.

  26. Anyone who plays the london in London is extra lame

  27. So Hans played against someone at his level and didn't perform 400 %?! The elos of the previous opponents were 200 below his own. Let's see him play against strong opponents.

  28. Im at your age, but I take it very differently. Skiing seems to me to be for the lame grandpas, while snowboarding is for the cool guys.

  29. What!!! in middle of watching title changed from "Hans is fallen" to NO NO NO NO!!!! Are your lawyer said something?

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