the final match.

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  1. Levi never fails at never failing while he never fails to fail.

  2. watching this after matt turner sold vs totenham (the actual matt turner)

  3. Levi never fails to comment on Levi never failing to

  4. Levy never fails to sacrifice… T H E ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK!

  5. When Wesley thought that he could magnus the creator of magnus, magnus choosed to magnusnus Wesley

  6. Gothom caused that Matt turner howler ????

  7. Levy : You should not spend 3 minutes on the 6th move of the game
    Also levy : spend 3 minutes to compute 3/13

  8. Levy is one of the best commentators for chess. Bro you need to commentate like this for professional chess tournaments and trust me the entire world would watch chess. You bring flavor to chess no cap😂😂😂

  9. Levy never fails to mention how the YouTube comments are all about Levy never failing

  10. Levy never fails to teach math in his videos.

  11. Before the match, I saw on twitter Wesley asking Fabiano for some tips and Fabiano replied, saying 'Prepare for b3'

  12. Levy never fails to bring drink in his videos

  13. "Sometimes you need a sugar boost" as he drinks a sugar free diet coke lol

  14. Drunk again and can’t wait to watch your video and fall asleep

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