the final match.

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  1. Levi never fails to notice Levi never fail comments

  2. Love how levy graduated us from danger levels to Zwischenzug in 3 years. So happy for you man, keep up the good work 😀

  3. You are a great guy Levy ignore the hate comments

  4. Levy never fails to say (provocative) in his videos

  5. Magnus could create psychopath in chess board to kill Welsey mind 😢😢😢😂😂😂😂😅 to trick Welsey winning move in illusion…..😊

  6. If you need a sugar boost, you might want to reconsider your choice of sugar free coke 😂

  7. Day 9 of asking levy for a GTE episode

  8. Magnus never fails to put Levy in his videos

  9. Didn't watch. Coudn't get interested. Not enough exclamation points in the title.

  10. In case anyone wonders what Coby Covington said to Leon in MMA press conference.
    He said and I quote,
    "I will bring you to the seventh layer of hell. And we will say what's up to your dad while we are there!"
    Absolutely a punkass move by Covington. It's even more offending when you know that Leons father was murdered when he was 13.

  11. Levy never fails to put awesome and highly appreciated chess content in his videos

  12. Levy always fails to put opponents name except Hikaru.
    If magnus wins – magnus is a monster
    If magnus lost – magnus lost to lower rated player.

  13. 5:10 Levy spends 1.1% of his video to do some mental math for us…

  14. "Levy Never Fails" to get these kind of top comments

  15. maybe levy got payed for adding cococola at the name of sugar boost

  16. hey guys at 7:47 why did white not take rook on a4 and rather moved the knight… i don understand

  17. Levy never fails to acknowledge "levy never fails" comments.

  18. When is you interviewing magnus video

  19. Levy never fails to be my favorite YouTuber

  20. 24:23 – I don't know if this is Magnus sense of humor, but he essentially did what Wesley did earlier on 16:29.

    He did reply b3 with g6 in the first game too.

  21. 3 min out of 13 mins, that's approx. 23% out of 100%

  22. Levy never fails to create magnus content

  23. Levy your book has made its way into my local book store (Australia)

  24. Levi never fails to say "Everything in moderation"

  25. The amount of ads on YouTube lately is getting ridiculous

  26. Hey Levy… Who do you think is going to win between Sean Strickland and Dricus Du Plessis on the 21st Jan

  27. Levy takes chess even into his wardrobe, with the check in his tweeds…is that a Cordings jacket?

  28. Matt Turner had an absolute horrible day in goal against Tottenham

  29. Levy never fails to get kidnapped by Magnus.

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