TITLE MATCH: Watch Magnus v Wesley In $200,000 Match Of The Year! Champions Chess Tour Finals 2023

The biggest tour in chess all comes down to this. The top eight players from this year’s Champions Chess Tour have traveled to Toronto for the LIVE Finals to determine the 2023 champion! The final week of competition features chess legends Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura, fan favorites Fabiano Caruana, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave and Wesley So, as well as young superstars Nodirbek Abdusattorov, Alireza Firouzja, and Denis Lazavik!


The Champions Chess Tour is a massive chess circuit including six events that took place throughout the year. The 2023 CCT Finals is the closing event of Chess.com’s most important event to date with the top 8 players meeting in Toronto, Canada, in a thrilling last clash for the title and their share of the overall $2,000,000 tour prize fund. Join GothamChess, Robert Hess, David Howell, Tania Sachdev and more for all the coverage!

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  1. i need to mute the video, i cant endure her voice, poor thing if she have a partner or childrens, cant imagine having to hear her bitching when gets angry

  2. They've obviously been told to do this, but the commentators are full of such boring pop psychology and repetitive remarks about e.g. Magnus being good at the endgame that it's painful to watch with the volume on. Bring back the days when there were two channels, one for a general audience, the others for people able to follow analysis.

  3. To beat Magnus Carlson , you mist play like MIKHAIL TAL

  4. Wesley already made us proud by coming up 2nd in a roster of monsteous chess players 😁😁

    Just have fun Wesley 😍💗💗 Hope you win but you already have in our hearts 😉💗

  5. The amount of garbage merch being pushed as if it were some collective items is ridiculous.

  6. Magnus need a new series for his walking style

  7. bro the people that are talking need to stop yapping

  8. Wesley (Ronaldo) and Magnus (Messi) are surely a great and heated battle for sure. 👏

  9. wesley need to change his undershirt color.. like to see him wear plain maroon shirt.. he looks invincible withat..

  10. Tania and Robert are commenting in Toronto?

  11. Wesley just too timid, especially so with Magnus

  12. Thumbnail of this video is a spoiler for anyone who is behind

  13. The game cameras are way too under-contrasted. Whites are showing up as gray. Frankly, the video production quality on the games throughout the tournament is not been done well. Turn OFF the HDR stuff. Also, the video is underexposed. The studio video is good, though. The exposure should be bumped up a tad, but overall the studio video is decent.

  14. So hot watching a Viking use his head! 🥵🥵🥵

  15. Once again! Why a tiny board screen majority of time in the corner??

    Especially during the critical few minutes of the game!🤬

    Terrible match view, who wants see big heads at the board, which you can't even see.

    At least make both views 50/50. Too small to follow.

    Never watch it live just forward through the crap and noticed no change.

  16. "Everyone knows Magnus is a better player." Wow. Talk about honesty!

  17. that is not true just because he wins a match doesnt mean that he is better

  18. I prefer you put the live board on the bigger pannel and your analyzers on the smaller one.

  19. I wonder where the goth man sits with genocide in gaza. Hmm me wonders. Something a bit entitled about him

  20. Wesley was abandoned by his parents and was adopted by american couple. His family left him in Philippines and they emigrated to Canada. Talk about a tough upbringing

  21. Been watching every match every day, love it, so exciting! Thank you so much!
    One critique may be to brainstorm and diversify interview questions. A good rule of thumb may be to avoid asking questions which are repetitive or whose answers may be guessed with almost perfect accuracy. For instance, “what’s your plan with the white pieces?” Will inevitably evoke the answer, ‘I’ll try to win, but my exact opening is a secret.’ Asking “how do you feel?” After a loss is perhaps insensitive as well as evoking an easily guessable answer, “. As an interviewer one has an amazing opportunity to evoke special and insightful answers, and I am glad to see when pride is taken in selecting insightful questions.

    Thank you again so much for the awesome content and production!

  22. Tania you need to turn your mic down a bit! Too high pitched. You hurt my ears!

  23. Plea stop the constant chat bubbles at the bottom. It's very distracting to keep seeing random people subscribing. Otherwise really great broadcast. Oh and please show captured pieces.

  24. Watched the whole thing in mute, it was a lot better.

  25. Is it just me or is that female comentator SUPER annoying, and too much random words from her, she makes me sexist when it comes to chess. Talk bout segregation

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