The Hans Niemann Story Continues…

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  1. Hi levy I am your big fan

    I am 1000 rated player I usually win when a game goes in a endgame

    But I often lose when my oppnent lauches a attack in the middle game towards my king

    Can you pls make a video explaining how to defend this

  2. got your book levy. it’s beautiful. thank you!

  3. How is Mihaela a WGM with 2298 rating? Did her rating drop so low from 2500?

  4. I just bought your book. My wife and I just started playing chess a few weeks ago. Perfect timing to start chess and be able to learn from your book. We are very excited. Thanks for the great content! Congrats on a huge book release! Blessings to you and yours.

  5. Levy's comment section never fails to talk about Levy.

  6. Fabi vs Ding would be a banger match if Ding chooses to defend title

  7. The book didn't help me beat Stockfish, -22090/10 rating, would never recommend it to anyone.

  8. When does Hans become the first American champion.

  9. When Levy mentioned the Irish accent thing I haven't been able to hear anything else lol

  10. I actually want to hear your opinions about Britney Spears. Do something slightly different from chess lol

  11. can you write a book for more advanced players?

  12. Personally, I'll stick to Endgame Strategy by Mikhail Shereshevsky. The only chess book I've ever gotten. It has made me destroy most people in most endgames.

  13. He was between a rook and a hard piece, somewhere no pawn intended.


  15. I wanna get the book for christmas

  16. the fundamentals are underrated. oftentimes our rush to learn leaves gaps in our knowledge base. im sure even advanced players could benefit from this book. not to mention owning a piece of chess history.

  17. Any way to get autographed copies still? I wanted to use the book to teach a bit of chess, but I also wanted 1 signed copy for myself.

  18. i mean Fabiano should be able to beat a 1800 (excluding the points gained by cheating)

  19. Sheesh Gotham, why do you always use Hans/Magnus as clickbait? You make great content and help people learn and relish chess well enough on your own, I don't think you need to be like Hikaru and use drama as clickbait!

  20. I like how Levy went full Connor McGregor with the accent lol

  21. Broooo… No pawn intended just made my day 😂

  22. As chess, I can confirm that Levy never fails to talk about me

  23. Hey Levy, I feel the title „The Hans Niemann Story Continues“ is just a little too much clickbait for a pure recap video. No pawn intended 😂

  24. Recieved my book! Looks lovely, but haven't had time to start going through it yet. Well done though, you should be an inspiration to a lot of young people in and outside of chess.

  25. Levy never fails to shove his content into our minds

  26. I bought your book, Levy! Congrats to you! I’m really looking forward to reading it and rereading it and then rereading it again!

  27. Y'know . . . we may just take Fabi for granted. Like the chess boom came in waves, but each of those waves was after Fabi's previous peak, and to see him coming back with a vengeance in a (mostly) COVID world is great to see. I still wonder if he'll ever manage to reach 2850 again, but at this point it seems like the collective skill of the world's players may not make that feasible anymore. Regardless, 2800 is a claim very few people can make, and to see someone do it a second time from about 50 points back, a pretty big slump, especially at that level, is awesome.

  28. No one's noticing it but if caruana plays to his merit he might end up gaining no.1 position at the end of this tournament

  29. I only download 2 types of videos to watch later, and yours is one of them🤝🏻

  30. Ladies and gentelman, Gotham got the bag boys. and i m so proud of him ! great content as always <3

  31. Levy got his HAIRS back somehow, hair Gambit?

  32. You just get used to how good a chess commentator Levy is.

  33. 23:24 hot take… we all lose our games on the final move 😅

  34. bro u should mirror your camera so you're indicating towards the board instead of away from it.

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