The HANS Sicilian!

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Photos by Lenart Ootes
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  1. beautiful game by future world champion and destroyer of m*gnus ego king Hans the goat, thank you for covering this awesome game

  2. Good luck to Hans. The guy – who is very clearly being blackballed – is travelling all over the place trying to the get ranking points which will make his continued poor treatment Impossible.

  3. The end was hilarious 🤣🤣🤣 "you can't see me pointing at them with my finger, because I'm not really here"
    (12:00 timeline)

  4. Kevin Spragget. Feel free to Google his name

  5. Just started watching, if Hans cannot beat a player with 400 Elo point lesse than him I am definitly going to find some vibrating an*l bead.

  6. He is back! Honestly I don't think Hans niemann cheated against Magnus, he has been proving in almost every tournament that he is a 2700 level player… And he really didn't play any unusual moves in that game to insinuate he did cheat… I hope this blows over and doesn't affect both players that much in the end esp Hans as he is a great talent and part of the future of top level chess… He is the guy he thinks he is!!

  7. Ah yes, defeating someone 300 rating points below you

  8. Hope you are having a good day Antonio!

  9. Hans has lost lots of ratings and lost against IM, make a video

  10. This is the first time that I've seen an Agadmator video during a Mercury Retrograde–the technical difficulty at the end must have been written in the stars.

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