The moment Ding Liren became World Chess Champion

Chinese star, GM Ding Liren succeeds Magnus Carlsen as World Chess Champion by beating Ian Nepomniachtchi in the 4º game of tiebreaks

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  1. Oh my gosh, I am so excited to hear that Ding
    Liren won the World Chess Championship!
    He's such an amazing player and he's worked
    so hard for this. It's really inspiring to see
    someone achieve such a big goal like this,
    and I'm sure it will motivate other players to
    keep working hard too. Congratulations to
    Ding Liren on this huge accomplishment, he
    really deserves it!"

  2. Magnus was to tired at being at the top for to long , i guess it is time for someone else to come , magnus was probably bored of being the best

  3. In China, if you are not smart enough for Go, you will go to play Chess.

  4. her comments didnt age well. robert is a fantastic commenter.

  5. I feel the same way about asians as i do turtles.. if they arent ninjas i honestly couldnt care less

  6. Black Qf5 lost the game for Nepo. It was a useless move, which allowed Ding to push the pawn. If he didn't move the Q, the white H pawn march would've won the game for him. Unbelievable mistake, likely due to Ding's surprise move and time pressure. But what a win for Ding, wow, well deserved!! 🎉

  7. Yes. Chinese GM is new world Chess champion

  8. Ian's body language give me the pure anxiety and stress

  9. So much struggle to become #2. We all know who #1 is.

  10. This is not a champions match if you look very good they both made many mistakes for me the best match is still when hikaru has to play against magnus.

  11. That was like end of a long war. One king is so tired cant even celebrate. The other was so anxious and devastated when he figured he cant defend the castle anymore. Fascinating.

  12. 0:15 Nepo making these dumb funny faces trying to psych out his opponent lost him this game. He kept getting up, walking around, went to get a drink etc. hardly treated his opponent seriously the whole time. Ding sat down and worked things out in his head. And there are so many comments sympathising with Nepo even though the first Chinese person became a world champion in chess. Sad.

  13. Ding is a sweet fellow. It's hard not to root for him. But still not impressed at all about the quality of this championship.

  14. Totao nepo mistakes iam finding not best of ding

  15. You can just feel the pressure they are under. I feel stressed whatching these guys at the end

  16. Liren try not lose and draw but give Ian pressure draw or win

  17. Damn the emotions were so big here. Epic game. Great championship.

  18. Ding Liren Calculates like Alireza Firouzja!! Hence, in Blitz Mode that kind of Calculation is Lethal to the opponent!!

  19. Never have I ever seen such an exuberant champion!! The scream, the winning dance, the parading… Did he really have to shove it down so hard on poor Nepo?!?!

  20. Headline in Russia the next day? 

  21. Why should this wining Tania polute every worthy chess game?

  22. They both look completely exhausted.

  23. Just turn this into "Beat Nepo Championship".

  24. Congratulations to Ding Liren on becoming the New World Chess Champion!!!!!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  25. I really dislike the way she is talking, i know might be a nice person who is doing a good job, but my god that accent is just annoying.

  26. It's like when the rockets won the finals when Jordan left to play baseball or it kind of feels like an interim belt in the UFC. But cool I guess nonetheless.

  27. Next year hopefully Magnus will show who is really the best chess player in the world.

  28. I can feel Ian's heartbreak, I'm quite certain he just wants to punch or smash something (Not Ding of course, I'm sure Ian won't go that far) when he knocked over the pieces. It's that frustration and hopelessness of not being able to do anything anymore.

  29. This is like that Simpsons episode where Lisa is Salieri and Nelson appears at the end as Beethoven.

  30. Commentators: "Nooo! You can't play Rg6!"
    King Liren: "Observe."

  31. Could someone tell me why the game is lost at that point? What happens after white plays B×B? 🤷🏽‍♂️

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