The moment Ding Liren became World Chess Champion

Chinese star, GM Ding Liren succeeds Magnus Carlsen as World Chess Champion by beating Ian Nepomniachtchi in the 4º game of tiebreaks

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  1. Tania: Rg6 looks like a losing move rather than a winning attempt.
    Ding: Be quiet peasants !!!!

  2. Wins the title, but nobody cares as Magnus is still the unofficial champ in everyone's minds. Poor Donger.

  3. Ding Liren couldn’t if Magnus was there

  4. I think that was actually the moment Magnus decided not to defend his title.

  5. My mom is proud so proud it's annoying speaking chinese every day

  6. If one does not beat the BEST, then how can one be the best?

  7. Nepo tried to dominate ding in whole tournament but ding is a super hero who overtake nepo by confusing his brain feeding tactics and won .

  8. And then Ding goes to cry because now he's seen as even more shameful in China. (I'm not sure that this is a joke unfortunately)

  9. I know Ding cannot hold his place for long, but China finally make an absolute chess ruler in chess history when both male and female become World Chess Champion

  10. Ding Liren wasn't overwhelmed by emotions because he won. He was overwhelmed because he knows he'll have to defend the title against Carlsen.

  11. ‘This is not the tactical chess we know, this is a mental capability test’

  12. Ding Is this geometric strategy a real conductor !!!

  13. The moment he became the world chess champion is the moment the title lost all its meaning.

  14. The first time I cheered for both players playing the WCC. I rooted for Nepo after the devastating loss against Magnus but you can never hate Ding playing the best games of his career. If only they can both win.

  15. Title: the moment…
    Video: 10 minutes long

  16. Ding may have shown moments of emotional vulnerability, but his mental fortitude is truly exceptional. Despite a challenging start in the candidates' tournament, he managed to turn the tide. At one point, even Caruana suggested it was primarily a contest between Nepo and himself, yet Ding's unyielding determination propelled him back into the race. Even when Nakamura appeared to be the likely contender for the second-place finish on the final day, Ding persisted. Nakamura's unexpected blunder in a potentially draw-worthy position became a turning point. Ding's journey to the World Championship match itself is a testament to his unwavering resolve. He continued to grind through the game when many, including his opponent, had seemingly moved on. It's hard to find a more fitting term than 'iron-will' to describe his ability to persevere against the odds.

  17. Wow that internal crumbling by Ian was devastating to watch.

  18. Ding only qualified to candidates because they threw out the Russian gm for the Ukraine war politics. Then, he qualified to play off because Hikaru did not bother to draw as he was not winning the top position, given no one saw magnus pulling out. It was a sequence of the most unlikely events leading to him winning the world championship.

  19. Mangnus should play candidates win and not play the playoffs. That will force them to adapt to the era to chess engines.

  20. I feel like that this title didn’t really mean something anymore cause Magnus still exists

  21. One Won everything and now has nothing but an empty void, the other one lost the only thing filling this void.

  22. Um can someone explain why this was a sad thing that happened?

  23. 0:16 You can see Ian’s eyes widen. He also was pretty surprised.

  24. Oh yeah, Magnus isn't actually the world champion any more. Easy to forget that…

  25. الكيمياء والجيولوجيا للثانويه العامه عبدالله جاد says:

    Nepomniachtchi was not bad but he made alot of mistakes in the championship Congratulations for ding and good luck Nepomniachtchi

  26. Remember gifted WC title by not participating..For us magnus forever WC

  27. I like how Ding says a big NO to settling for a draw and went balls deep for the win. So much more exciting and satisfying way to be crowned world champion. This one will go down in history as one of the most amazing plot twists ever! 🤘🏻😎

  28. Is this video monetized? I mean is it okay to use 10 minues long clip ?

  29. I dont get any of the salty comments about disrespecting this Championship just because magnus is not here. magnus is a genius, a prodigy, someone with estimated IQ being 190, who was born differently from rest of us. Looking up to him is a failed attempt because we were not born geniuses and will never catch up to him. he's an outlier. While the rest GMs are more human like, more like one of us, more like something that we might be able to achieve with enough hard work and dedication. I have even more respect, actually, to the more human players as it takes a lot more for them to climb to where they are now, without a gift that you are naturally born with.

  30. I have nothing against either of these greats but as long as Carlsen is still around and playing, I cannot in all fairness call anyone else the World Champion.

  31. "Rook G6 is not a move that you consider here…"

  32. I don't play chess but only started watching it and this video is the most exciting thing about chess. But still it is lukewarm compared to other sports. This influencer era there needs to be more personality, drama and shit talk. You need some shit talkers, you got Hans Niemann but he doesn't count because he cheats.

  33. Couldn't have been more emotional ending than this. 😢

  34. Did Nepo about to throw that Black cup or whatever it was? i kinda feel his emotion. gosh.

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