The Most Perfect Chess Game Ever Played

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  1. Todays stare stared at itself. ?/10 (the stare decides)

  2. Big fan learned my first two openings from you, London defense and caro-kann thanks

  3. Funny how you guys all like the video sucking up to him when you haven’t even seen it

  4. sansansansansansansansansansansansansansansansansa says:

    gotta love how Levy can so quickly know what the point of a move is, it's like he can read the player's mind, cool

  5. Imagine click baiting with "wow" title like i would ever click on this… what a shame…

  6. Todays stare was gut wrenching, disturbing, and overall gave me a mental breakdown. 8.4/10

  7. Can we get some congratulations in the comments for Levy on his book 🎉🎉

  8. nice Video, havent watched it yet, but the future tells me that this is again top entertainent

  9. When does it get released I pre-ordered it a couple months ago I’m very excited

  10. 52 sec ago…… I am addicted to those vids bro

  11. China is now crushing chess. Ding and Ju or Lei

  12. Literally nobody cares about this match or your book..

  13. You're lookin extra edible today Mr. Batman

  14. I’m surprised ding Liren wasn’t in it

  15. This man is literally the reason I learnt chess. Keep up the great work!

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