The Most Perfect Chess Game Ever Played

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  1. Im getting that book 🎉

  2. honest question: why is there women's chess? men hold no intrinsic advantages over women in chess like we do in physical sports (not sexist just true). i'm asking because i'm curious not to cause an argument

  3. Why are women GM's so much lower elo than male GM's? And why there is a different world chess championship for woman and man??

  4. Please Danya's match against Andrew Tang yesterday when the score was 2.5-2.5…. It is the Greatest Bullet game of all time … Also please cover the next match

  5. It's so weird to me that chess has gendered championships

  6. god i love Levy's click-baits so much, they give me the right amount of dopamine to love chess

  7. Was there a video today titled ‘wow’ covering the WWC that disappeared?

  8. This is like the 4th most perfect chess game we've seen recently

  9. I love how levy is 200 points higher In elo than the two contestants in the woman’s world championship

  10. I first thought white was doing the queen's gambit 😅

  11. ju and lei obviously got neimann devices up their

  12. I know hindi and I can translate but I'm a 12yo. 😫

  13. GothamChess, a popular YouTuber in the chess community, has gained a substantial following and has garnered attention for his content focused on chess education and gameplay. However, upon closer examination, it becomes evident that GothamChess falls short in several aspects, making him a questionable source for reliable and accurate chess knowledge.

    One of the main criticisms surrounding GothamChess is his lack of depth and breadth in his chess analysis. While he may provide entertaining commentary and explanations during his gameplay videos, his insights often remain superficial. Serious chess enthusiasts and aspiring players seeking in-depth analysis and strategic guidance may find GothamChess' content lacking the necessary depth to improve their skills. He tends to focus more on entertaining his viewers with humor and banter, rather than providing comprehensive and insightful explanations.

    Furthermore, GothamChess tends to oversimplify complex chess concepts, which can be misleading and detrimental to viewers' understanding of the game. Chess is a game of immense depth, with countless strategic possibilities and nuanced decision-making. However, GothamChess often presents simplified strategies that may work in specific situations but fail to address the broader complexities of the game. This oversimplification can hinder the growth and development of aspiring chess players, as they may be misled into believing that chess can be reduced to a set of simple tricks and tactics.

    Another notable issue with GothamChess is his overreliance on gimmicks and clickbait titles to attract viewers. While this is a common practice among many YouTubers, it detracts from the educational value that chess content should ideally provide. By resorting to sensationalism and clickbait, GothamChess may be able to generate views and engagement, but it comes at the cost of sacrificing genuine instructional content and educational integrity. This approach can be seen as prioritizing entertainment over educational value, which undermines the purpose of creating content in a niche like chess.

    Furthermore, GothamChess' frequent collaborations and matches against lower-rated players for entertainment purposes can also be viewed as detrimental to the chess community. While it is understandable that collaborations can be enjoyable and engaging for viewers, constantly showcasing matches against weaker opponents without providing any educational context can create a skewed perception of skill levels and misrepresent the true depth of the game. It is important for chess content creators to strike a balance between entertainment and education, providing viewers with valuable insights and analysis, rather than simply showcasing victories against weaker opponents for the sake of entertainment value.

    In conclusion, while GothamChess has amassed a substantial following on YouTube, his content falls short in several critical aspects. His lack of depth in analysis, oversimplification of chess concepts, overreliance on gimmicks and clickbait, and frequent collaborations with lower-rated players all contribute to his status as a questionable source for reliable and accurate chess knowledge. Aspiring chess players seeking genuine educational content and comprehensive insights into the game may find more reliable sources elsewhere within the chess community.

  14. Next time someone says women suck at chess, show them this game. STOCKFISH level play.

  15. Levy Rozman, King of Clickbait

  16. For sure thought this was going to be about Magnus' 98% game…

  17. Proud of you for the book, keep it going king 👑

  18. I want to get the book, but living in South America, I don't know what my options are – other than paying through the nose for importing delivery charges and taxes.

  19. Will there be a Russian version of the book?

  20. I hope one of them wins and really that's all I can ask for.

  21. I don't know why but a Gotham upload is always an adrenaline boost 😂

  22. every time levy says "she", I like to imagine he's talking about Xi's brilliant chess moves

  23. Ju Wenjun went full Hikaru with that Nf3, e3, b3, g3 in the 8th game!

    Why change the thumbnail and title completely as bait? It might cause the video to get more clicks, but won't people just close it almost immediately when they notice it's the same video as before, thus ruining your engagement metrics?

  24. Just ordered my self your book just started playing chess early this year and love your content even listen to your podcast with lex Friedman. (Thanks all the way from New Zealand)

  25. I could not imagine not only waiting 30+ minutes to play a move, I couldn't imagine my opponent sitting there for 30 minutes on their move.
    I know this generation's attention span is flushed like a dead Goldfish and but even I gotta draw the line somewhere. Gotta bring a razor and a Switch to the chess tournament.

  26. I just started playing chess. Love your videos, keep ‘em comin. How long did it take you to get to 2600? What I mean is, did you make huge leaps or was it a slow and steady rise?

  27. So many 1000's cannot play end games. I am 6 points down after a strategic round of sacrifices, most games, and I still pull out wins. Quit resigning and play the pawn game.

  28. Is China starting to light up the chess scene or what?

  29. Hey levy, ive been trying to find you in central park for an hour, just visiting nyc, so it was fun.
    You weren't there lol.

  30. Nice spanish pronunciation, levy! Thanks for that it cheered up my day

  31. Holy shit, that spanish was clean af. Nicely done Levy.

  32. Thanks for considering to translate the book into Arabic ❤

  33. 15:21 this remembers me… I can't defeat Benji how is he so strong? 😀 2050…. He is propperbly stronger then the Botez sisters 😀

  34. Nobody cares about women's chess, their "GM's" are like 1,100

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