The Truth About Ding Liren

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  1. Ding Liren success story > Leicester City

  2. There are even more fascinating details to this. Fabi was a clear 2nd in Candidates, but thinking that 2nd place meant nothing, he pushed too hard for wins and lost many games instead of drawing them (or so I hear). Before the last game of classical in the WCC, Ian mysteriously lost his sleeping pills—not all of them, but only the bottle that was really effective. Ian went into tiebreaks on only 2 hours of sleep. Ding's ancestors really looking out for him.

  3. This is why ding deserved that trophy!!

  4. 😮 Big prop to Ding! Not my favorite chess player but damn that's some tenacity!

    Huge respects! ❤❤❤ thank you for sharing his incredible story. I didn't know any of that!!!

  5. I read he started with 2230 elo or something around it

  6. i fucking hate chess but i love you levy im not gay but id kiss you

  7. finally jesus was waiting all day for you to post man

  8. Not to mention his prep getting leaked in the middle of it

  9. The guts it takes to play rg6 in that game declining a draw in a freaking TIEBREAKER that too in a time disadvantage, believing in himself at such crunch moment is what changed his life. The journey was just beyond inspiring and amazing these are the stories that prove trying with every ounce of strength you got is what that matters he fought till the very end and he deserves that title.

  10. King Li Win will go down in history for that win

  11. Day 5 of spring Levy to make a vid on King's Gambit

  12. Levy, it is really disappointing to hear from you that you call the russian unprovoked war an operation. It is not an operation, russians are killing innocent Ukrainians and the only ones who started it are russians.

  13. You could make a movie with this kind of story.

  14. Fascinating story really well told 😀👍

  15. Anybody else find it funny that Li Di is just the first 2 letters of ding and liren and swapped around

  16. Levi, can you make some covering of Bucharest Grand Chess Tour??

  17. Great Video. I would have appreciated references to coverage of games but as I said great video!

  18. Just told a 200 to watch you. He'll only get better when he watched your vids

  19. The sheer mental fortitude Ding showed, especially after The Freeze, is what makes him special. Coming back after that collapse on that stage.. toughest man in chess.

  20. Still think that Kim Kardashian is the greatest comeback story!

  21. Ding the King! 👑
    Ding the King! 👑
    Ding the King! 👑
    Ding the King! 👑
    Ding the King! 👑
    Ding the King! 👑

  22. Someone HAS to turn this into a movie! It's just too good to be true

  23. Please do a video on Ian, too! He's an amazing player, and went through a lot of heartbreak.

  24. Why didn't you show the fking endgame with hikaru i mean u literally have one job

  25. I like Ding but as long as Magnus is still playing chess imo the "world champion" title really doesn't mean much

  26. Levyyyy, I just love you so much more for making a video about Ding’s inspiring story!! I’ve been waiting for more videos abiut his story and you’re literally ine of the first to do it, and even long before he became wcc you’ve been shedding light on his story!! 🎉❤❤

  27. the indomitable human spirit of ding liren

  28. 29 minutes have passed since this video was uploaded and already there are more than 309 comments.

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