The Truth About Ding Liren

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  1. when you get a certain FIDE rating you unlock new letters in the alphabet and from Li, Di to Ding, Liren

  2. what u talking about bro chess is no sport and bro the best comeback in sports is FC Barcelona vs PSG

  3. after he froze I thought no one would be able to recover from that, but he proved it otherwise. such a great story! bro didnt even mention leaked games;

  4. na the best xomeback stoey in hiatory in DRX winning the world of leagie of legend 2022

  5. It's the "both players keep missing opportunities" that make this WC match not as credible for me. It's a great story an everything, but in so many games it came down to a player having the advantage, then both players missing winning opportunities and then someone just managed to win or draw. It isn't as impressive as what you'd expect from the best chess players. You've been edging the advantage your way for 30-40 moves and you can't find the final move to win?? Come on…

  6. You are the best sports story teller in the world, really

  7. if I was Ian and lost in the tie breaks I would be mad cuz this is the first time ding ever led. respect to ding

  8. russian operations? It's called invasion. Russian invasion of Ukraine. Never took you as a war apologist. @GothamChess

  9. Ding is a beast that never surrenders. For me it's one of the best chess players ever.

  10. Somewhere down the line someone better make a movie on Ding’s journey to the world championship 2023. It’s definitely one of those inspirational movie plot journeys!

  11. I remember I first heard of ding in the candidates that was split because of Covid and he was doing so poorly then

  12. 0:35 You only say this because you have the comfortable innocence of not being an avid Pakistan Cricket supporter. Man the heartbreaks and comebacks that we experience. We go through the Ding Liren story almost every other global tournament. It would be right to call the Ding Championship story the Pakistan Arc actually 😂

  13. We need a big budget movie version of this, now

  14. Thank you for making this video. Ding Liren had everything stacked against him. And yet, in that final game, he made a bold courageous decision to refuse a draw to play for a win (or loss). Here, now! He drew his line in the sand for destiny's sake and was rewarded, against all odds, with the World Championship Title!

    I admire Magnus, and I think he may well be the GOAT. However, him stepping away from defending his title is undoubtedly good for chess. This was one of the most magnificent World Championship battles in living memory. Both Ding and Nepo were deserving world champions but only one could win.

  15. If you know Dota2, Dings run was like OG's first TI run.

  16. Thanks to GothamChess I have improved considerably in chess. I am at 650 elo and usually I play pretty fine moves but I just had a game with 100% accuracy which seems unreal. It's the power of learning!

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