The Truth About Ding Liren

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  1. Ding Liren success story > Leicester City

  2. There are even more fascinating details to this. Fabi was a clear 2nd in Candidates, but thinking that 2nd place meant nothing, he pushed too hard for wins and lost many games instead of drawing them (or so I hear). Before the last game of classical in the WCC, Ian mysteriously lost his sleeping pills—not all of them, but only the bottle that was really effective. Ian went into tiebreaks on only 2 hours of sleep. Ding's ancestors really looking out for him.

  3. This is why ding deserved that trophy!!

  4. 😮 Big prop to Ding! Not my favorite chess player but damn that's some tenacity!

    Huge respects! ❤❤❤ thank you for sharing his incredible story. I didn't know any of that!!!

  5. I read he started with 2230 elo or something around it

  6. i fucking hate chess but i love you levy im not gay but id kiss you

  7. finally jesus was waiting all day for you to post man

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