The World Chess Champion Is Missing.

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  1. I remeber his face in the interviews After every championship game and I think the Championship match was just too much emotional pressure for him to handle. In fact I remember him saying that he might quit chess if he Lost It, and was kind of "surprised" to win It. I Hope he gets back and in good shape as you say, but I wouldnt be surprised if he didnt defend his title, honestly. Mental and emotional healthcare comes first!! But I Hope for Nepomniachtchi that he Will defend It, because imagine having to play It again because the champion dropped with the possibility of losing a third shot at it, that would be devastating. I think Nepomniachtchi would rather like to earn the contendance again by trying to win the candidates, and not by watching the champion drop again…

  2. Not flexing…but i found the move Rd4🫤

  3. Ding has spend all the time since the title, in a ai simulator training chess openings 😀

  4. That game was incredible; thanks for the dragging it out of the archives for those of us not watching chess back then!

  5. Nothing wrong with comparing chess to other sports, but damn what did baseball do to you? If you want a narrow definition of sports and baseball doesn’t make the cut then you definitely can’t be calling chess one

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