The World Chess Champion Is Missing.

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  1. It was slightly disconcerting to see the end of the world championship. When Ian Nepomniachtchi realised he had lost he almost lost physical coordination and was stumbling around, and the main emotion Ding Liren showed was relief. Relief that it was over. No joy, no smiles. These championships seem truly quite the ordeal for the participants. I do hope Ding Liren comes back, but if he chooses not to then I wish him a career that brings him the joy he deserves. 💗

  2. ding is memorizing theory for world chess championship for 8 months and not showing his supercomputer resertch to others

  3. If I played that game I'd die happy.
    Ding at his best is a combination of Morphy and Capablanca.

  4. The winner of the candidates will be next world champion

  5. Something tells me Gotham was bullied by jocks when he was younger and resents certain sports because of it

  6. Baseball is not a sport? You are getting yourself into the same mentality of whoever says: Chess is not a sport!

  7. He might be burned out, after the World Championship, i agree with Magnus it's torture playing classical in the world championship, but then again, it is what it is, all the past Champions dealt with it, no need to change anything.

  8. As a 1500, I’m proud to say that I found rook d4 😀

  9. Hey Levy,

    The game I just played was a wild game (600 Elo). I blundered my queen early on, then considered resigning, because I was considerably down- then I remembered to never resign! I decided to play it out, and played a great endgame, captured my oponent's queen, then checkmated him shortly after!! Thanks for the reminder to never resign!

    1. d4 d5 2. Bf4 Nc6 3. e3 f6 4. Nd2 e5 5. Bg3 Bf5 6. c3 Qd6 7. Qf3 Nge7 8. Qh5+
    g6 9. Qh4 O-O-O 10. Ngf3 e4 11. Bxd6 cxd6 12. Qxf6 Bh6 13. Qh4 exf3 14. Qxh6 Ng8
    15. Qh4 fxg2 16. Bxg2 Nge7 17. O-O Bd3 18. Rfc1 Nf5 19. Qg4 Ne7 20. c4 Kb8 21.
    cxd5 h5 22. Qf4 Nxd5 23. Qg5 Rd7 24. Qxg6 Rc8 25. Bxd5 Rdc7 26. Qxf5 Rxc1+ 27.
    Rxc1 Rxc1+ 28. Nf1 Bxf5 29. e4 Bh3 30. Bc4 Rxc4 31. b3 Rc1 32. d5 Rxf1# 0-1

  10. Be careful when articulating Shi Bai; the way you pronounce it sounds like chi-bai (膣屄), which is a vulgarity in the Chinese language. I think referring to him as Bai Jin or full name Bai Jinshi is better and safer…

  11. Honestly this type of match is why I became a fan of ding in the first place, not because he could win any tournament he's in.. hope he gives us more of this.

  12. Considering that we're talking about Xhyna, it wouldn't surprise me if the CCP doesn't want him to battle against foreigners, either to avoid shame or to avoid political comparisons.

  13. That was crazy, could barely keep up! But then I’ve only just finished chapter 1 of your book, Levy! ❤

  14. The same thing is happening to Ding, which happens to Jack Ma and other people in Chaina.

  15. I’ve lost to a 7yo who ate fruit snacks at the board.

  16. If I got hit with rook D4 in an online game, I would report him for cheating

  17. 6:58 Levy, what do you mean Qd2? Then bishop takes Queen!! Am I missing something?

  18. People forget that Ding farmed China players to get into the Candidates.

  19. Dude just wants to relax. He achieved more than any of us could and said it’s enough

  20. The best part of this video is @Gothamchess saying baseball isn't a real sport 3:55

  21. There needs to be a rule about playing a minimum number of tournaments to stay world champion and being able to defend the title the next year.

  22. That was a hell of a game thanks for that Levy I feel like I’m awful at chess after watching that game

  23. His current social credit score isn’t high enough to leave the country to participate in tournaments.

  24. New Yorker just said “baseball isn’t a sport.” You just lost your yankee fanbase and they a brutal with their grudges!

  25. Rd4 is the type of move that makes you get a cold sweat

  26. I searched him up on Chinese websites. They claim he went on lengthy vacation period after he won the worlds title

  27. Your Chinese name pronunciation is impressive.

  28. Ding is not Magnus, the sooner people stop comparing him the better.

  29. It's unfortunate magnus didnt play for the championship. Probably demerits the win somewhat in dings mind, grinding tournaments all year only to hear things like "yeah but magnus didnt play"

  30. Credits to Bai as well for defending too long.

  31. Ding Liren really has made some gigabrain plays.

  32. I'm not trolling, but… how can you say baseball is not a real sport whille comparing Chess with other sports? I prefer to watch and play chess over baseball but I think its not wise for someone trying to promote chess to say certain activities are or are not a "real sport". I'm a big fan and love your content Levy!!!

  33. Even if he show up to defend, his lack of practice could see a lopsided defeat and that would be a shame as well.

  34. 5:12 when he said jin shibai, shibai in a certain pronunciation means failure….

  35. OMG levy,,, you are becoming unwatchable. Just stick to the game played.
    Way way way to many sidelines and lessons. By the time you make it back to the game the flow of the video and analysis is ruined.

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