This 8 year old girl is making history.

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  1. Everything is nice but if she is british i am jupiterian

  2. Just a shower thought: is a pawn a female or trans?

  3. Chess – meaningless in actual reality. Someone should tell her.

  4. i just hope that bodhana's parents are nice people and give her a great childhood…
    chess records, despite the glitz and glamour, are secondary.

  5. So she had 32 winstreak over the board? INTERESTING 🤔

  6. Levy never fails to be a 28 year old chess genius.

  7. Sounds like we got another Hans Moke Niemann here

  8. Soak it up, the well is dry. Thanks and God Bless

  9. Bodhana drawing chess match against Grandmaster at 8 yrs old while I was at her age, I put fork into electric socket

  10. Them: you play like an 8yr old girl.
    Me: thanks 😁

  11. Quote Kramnik, "This is interesting"😉😂

  12. Bodhana sivanandhan ,it is a indian tamil name ,but she is from England????!

  13. Congratulations to Bodhana! drawing against masters and even winning against a IM is not easy!

  14. So I happen to teach this age (born 2015) and we've done a few hours of chess (for some of them) weekly for maybe half a year now? And to me it's crazy how an 8 year old can beat a 1500 rated player let alone a GM…

  15. I hope all this attention doesn't weight on her too much. Having so many eyes from all over the world looking at her is very stressful even for an adult

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