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Photos by Lennart Ootes

Firouzja, Alireza (2763) – Fedorchuk, Sergey A. (2546)
Alireza Firouzja’s Race to Candidates ( [06] 2023.12.22
B48 Sicilian, Taimanov variation

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nc6 5.Nc3 Qc7 6.Be3 a6 7.a3 b5 8.Nxc6 Qxc6 9.Be2 Bb7 10.Qd2 Qd6 11.O-O-O Qxd2+ 12.Rxd2 b4 13.axb4 Bxb4 14.Bd4 Nf6 15.f3 Bc6 16.Rdd1 O-O 17.Be5 Rfc8 18.Na2 Be7 19.Bd6 Kf8 20.b3 Bxd6 21.Rxd6 Ke7 22.Rhd1 a5 23.Kb2 Rc7 24.Nc3 a4 25.Bc4 axb3 26.cxb3 Rb7 27.R6d4 Ne8 28.e5 Ra5 29.Re1 Nc7 30.f4 Na8 31.Bd3 Nb6 32.g4 Nd5 33.Na2 h6 34.h4 Rba7 35.Bb1 Rb7 36.Bd3 Rba7 37.Nc1 Rb7 38.f5 Nb4 39.Bb1 Rd5 40.Rc4 Rdb5 41.Rf4 Bd5 42.f6+ gxf6 43.exf6+ Kd6 44.g5 hxg5 45.hxg5 Rb8 46.Rh4 Nc6 47.Bc2 e5 48.Rd1 Nd4 49.Rh3

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  1. i wonder how far the french federation set this tournament for their champion who disappeared most of year 2023. a manipulation try ?

  2. Fedorchuk did not received the memo.❤😂🎉

  3. Suddenly it is about "morality". Before when qualification was with average rating, was it immoral for all the top players to go to invitational events to play each other and avoid open events to keep their ratings high? Or because this time it is just one short event (named for what it is, race to candidates), suddenly the the short attention spans figure out the ethical side of the whole issue?

  4. Scripted trolling of FIDE system? This would explain why Alireza didn't try to qualify much through other events thjs year and suddenly tried this…

  5. Ho Ho Ho How is this a Christmas miracle? Sergey my man, real competitive players always play for the win! Alireza's aura was just too much for him :O

  6. I can't help but admire the stoic defense Federchuk put up in this game

  7. Wasn't Wesley leading some yearly FIDE points thing, which would get him into the candidates that way,
    and the highest rated player not already qualified would still apply to Alireza.

  8. Fedorchuk for reasons unknown shall be playing a FIDE rated match with Yulia Osmak on Dec 23 in Chartres. Hope Agad covers that.

  9. I think this was the best outcome for all involved. Seeing as Alireza's reputation would have taken a huge hit, even more of one than it already had for even attempting to qualify and push Wesley out in such a sketchy manner.

    Also, contrary to what some were claiming yesterday, this situation was not an apples to apples comparison to the last minute games Ding played to get in last time as Ding was already ahead in the ratings(AKA was deserving) he just had trouble playing in enough games to qualify because of covid.

  10. I have no doubt that this was all set up. After the devastating echo upon those grandmasters committing hair-raising blunders in favour of Alireza thus destroying the reputation of everyone involved they decided to back down. It should be mentioned that Alireza's position was totally lost at -4.2 when Fedorchuk so generously granted a draw.

  11. Secret post match, Alireza and Fedorchuk conversation leaked!!!!!
    Alireza: WTF, thought we had a deal??
    Fedorchuk (in thick russian accent): The cheque bounced

  12. Alireza just wanted to give a heart attack to Wesly so

  13. Ouf! we will not be tortured watching Alireza playing! Better he dedicates himself to fashion. I really don't appreciate this guy, nor his way of playing

  14. Thank you for consistent uploads. Your videos have become a part of my daily routine. Pozdrav sa slovenije bratee!

  15. How about a match between So and Firouaja.

  16. Honestly, if the Frenchies wanted Alireza to qualify they should have organized a proper tournament with the best French players like MVL, Bacrot, Lagarde etc. No one would have complained. And we wouldn't have had to witness GMs hang rooks like patzers.

  17. He's not bad for a fashion designer that plays chess occasionally

  18. no way in hell i offer a draw in this position as black against anyone. Black had all the winning chances and nothing to loose. GMs are capable of playing good moves even against super gms. I refuse to believe this was not a got up event. Seems like a bigger controversy than hans niemann now.Probably the other gm got cold feet with all the scrutiny

  19. Hear me out, I i think Alireza saw all the hate and decided to throw to try and save his reputation lmao

  20. As someone who would love see Firo in candidates BUT not this way.
    I love his style of play up to last year but in past few tournaments he has been playing bad Chess.
    He has time. Back to drawing board.
    You need to work hard!!

  21. It's not over until it's over. But it's over now. Unless it's not. Even the confusion was confused. Solution: Let Wesley and Alireza fight 1vs1 for the last seat of the candidate's tournament.

  22. So Firouzja could have called in sick today…and he would have qualified for the Candidates?!

  23. I'm surprised by this outcome because all the experts in the comments section of this channel assured me that all of Alireza's opponents were being paid to lose. I'm sure they will all apologise now for libelling Alireza

  24. Why the fuck did the other guy draw on a winning position and resign on a drawn position?. What is his aim of playing chess anyway?.This tournament is a disgrace and so are the players participating in it. They will never achieve anything with this mentality.

  25. This shows how farming points can and does backfire. Note that Ramirez tried and failed, too. Gukesh is the only one who succeded in the end by trying twice.

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