This Chess Piece Moves Multiple Times in the Same Turn! – Ouroboros King

Ouroboros King Part 2 – this game is more repayable than people expected. There’s a choose your own difficulty setting that I will certainly be using to improve my play, and there’s also the ability to draft your starting team. All the while, I’m checking out cool new chess pieces like the blade dancer. It’s crazy strong, but will it be enough to beat difficulty 9?
Edited by: Dan White

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  1. He said “double check bitch” so calmly I started dying

  2. Why the berserker upgrades to berserker

  3. Why the berserker upgrades to berserker

  4. "double check, bitch" so motivational

  5. I enjoy the demo I'm get the game soon

  6. That’s some mighty nice value 😂😂😂

  7. That definitely does not sound familiar to slap battles players

  8. The creators of this game just said let’s update chess

  9. I beat the free mobile version on 30 difficulty (max) with my primary weapon being the blade dancer with extra daggers (you can triple or even quad kill but remember after your style points to actually kill the king) my starting loadout: assassin, catapult, Viking (RNG until you get the armory, then multiple relic chances to get extra blades)

  10. you couldve won in 2 moves withthe blade dancer and rook item

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