Tommy Körberg – Anthem (Chess)

“Tommy Körberg – Rakt Upp och Ner” live at Berwaldhallen, Stockholm, 2006


  1. Tommy Körberg Is The Biggest Singer Ever in this Sort ov Music, If u have some that is like him Wellcome 2 the Classic Music.

  2. det här är just bara en Mycket vaker sång sjungen av en mycket Röst. Sån er han.

  3. Universal Hymn – no Less, no More…..!!!!

  4. That oboe player at the start looked like his head was about to explode

  5. Helt maktlös!!! Sällan någon låt får mig att rysa ända in i ryggmärgen och tåra mina ögon, men varje gång jag hör denna stannar tiden!!

  6. SO beautiful! Enjoy also Anthem sung by a young talented Henry Benson on youtube

  7. A certain Mr. Groban has nothing compared to this.

  8. The best and most outstanding performance of CHESS, in particular this song, ANTHEM, is that of JOSH GROBAN. His powerful, rich high Baritone voice is definitely second to none in the world. No one can sing ANTHEM with such warmth and perfection like this uniquely talented young JOSH GROBAN! BRAVO, JOSH!!

  9. Tommy needed a microphone boost when the large orkester amped up.

  10. Disappointing. After having read so much about this version I find the orchestra totally obscures the man's voice. Bad video quality also.

  11. Otroligt bra! 😀 Gåshuden på underarmarna säger det mesta. 😛

  12. One singer touches me the most, Tommy Körberg, it´s truly wonderful this!

  13. Amazing, but the biggest shame is how his voice cracks when he says "where would I start". That said, Tommy makes me wish I was Swedish just so I could be proud of being from the same nation as him. Amazing vocalist.

  14. Jag brukar kommentera tidningar , you tube etc.
    Vad skall jag skriva nu??
    Sveriges bästa manliga röst!!!!!!!!!!!
    Otrolig artist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tommy Körberg ;;;;; Älskar dig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((som artist )

  15. I think it's safe to say that his is the best singer Sweden has ever had. This is s true master of his craft. When I hear Tommy sing I am truly proud to be swedish.

  16. I grew up listening to and loving this song, One of the best ever written and sung. Tommy (not only because he was the original singer) does the best rendition I have ever heard. I love this video because it is the first time I have seen Tommy sing

  17. From a musicians standpoint, Tommy Korberg's multiple performances of Anthem are shattering, definitive, and bring this piece to life. His understanding of the words, beauty of tone and power are extraordinary. No one can touch him in this arena.

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