Turning a Log into a $1500 Chess Board…

I’ve made custom shoes for famous creators like Mr. Beast and Kai Cenat, but today I’m doing something a little different for someone truly special. I’m making a custom chess set complete with board and pieces for my grandpa!

#marko #custom #chess

00:00 – Intro
00:20 – Day 1, cutting the wood
02:20 – Day 2, learning to carve
04:17 – Days 3 and 4, making pieces
05:00 – Day 5, assembling the board
06:45 – Staining
08:05 – Time to play!

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  1. Pls Marko do a vid of using a lathe and I bought one after I watching this great end song

  2. hugely impressive and heart warming that u did that to your grandpa it took a lil time but it was worth it

  3. I hope Marko and the person that read this comment will have a great day 😊

  4. ja znam tvoj jezik pricat odlicno si napravio sah
    sve je teško bilo ali si ti išo dalje ko legenda

  5. I was waiting for him to say that it was something other than glue…

  6. Marko is just a genius and he thinks outside the box a lot

  7. Didn’t know you were Slav. Crazy. Odlicno brate.🇭🇷

  8. 6:04 i like how this man just casually licked glue off his finger

  9. Bravo brate ja sam veliki fan ali nisam znao da si srbin

  10. Pozdrav od makedoniju deda je ponosan na tebe bravo to je to sto treba ovaj mladi svet da radi

  11. … bro u had one job which was to say the word wood once but no u chose to say it over and over💀💀… CHILL MARKO CHILL🥶

  12. This is amazing and heartwarming! One question, did you eat wood glue???🤔

  13. Hrvatska brate🇭🇷 pozdrav iz🇸🇮

  14. Marko Srbine!!!!!🇷🇸🇷🇸🤞

  15. To je moj jezik bravo ti ga sto si ga naucio

  16. super ti je ispalo nastavi sa radom

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