Chess VS My Ex, Loser Gets a Tattoo

Alexandra’s ex-boyfriend, Eric Hansen, who also happens to be a chess grandmaster, stops by her house for a blitz match with some extremely high stakes. Trash talk, slapping each other and different dares are all part of the match, but at the end only one of them will walk away with a tattoo of their ex’s name on their body.
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  1. Why do I feel like my life essence was fully revitalized after having watched this?

  2. That timer is seriously going to die due to aggressive clicking 🤣

  3. Why on Earth do anything with an Ex?! They are called an EX for a reason (in most cases). Much less consenting to putting their name on your body! Let go and move one to a new victim!

  4. Eric can take any hard slap from Alex given he has already had a larger experience while actually chess boxing Hikaru. Eric is a legend.

  5. so you broke up, so, performance issues on the board huh?

  6. She slapped him so hard, im like WTF did he do to you girl?

  7. Well, we learned that Alex has a hell of an overhand right!!

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